/Filmcast Ep. 453 - The Cloverfield Paradox & Call Me By Your Name

Jeff, Devindra and Kristy join up to chat about Netflix's big Super Bowl surprise, The Cloverfield Paradox. And they finally get to explore the idyllic Italian countryside of Call Me By Your Name. No peaches were harmed during the making of this podcast.

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  • Intro
What We've Been Watching (04:16)
  • Devindra: Counterpart, Have a Nice Day, Altered Carbon 
  • Kristy: Peter Rabbit, Winchester
  • Jeff: The Cloverfield Paradox, Black Panther
Featured reviews:
  • The Cloverfield Paradox (36:19)
  • Call Me By Your Name (1:04:24)
  • SPOILERS (1:26:30)
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