Jordan Peele Considering 'Get Out' Sequel; Says 'Emoji Movie' Made Him Quit Acting

Jordan Peele's Get Out came out almost a full year ago, but it's never faded from the collective consciousness. Thanks to recent, much-deserved Oscar nominations, Get Out has catapulted back into the headlines again. In a recent interview during Academy's Nominees Night, Peele said he's given serious thought to a Get Out sequel. In another recent appearance, Peele also revealed that he decided to call his acting career quits thanks to The Emoji Movie.

A Get Out Sequel?

Ready for a Get Out sequel? Jordan Peele says it might happen. Most modern movies tend to fade from the collective consciousness almost a full year after their release, but Jordan Peele's Get Out remains as relevant as ever. Peele's film recently nabbed four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, and at the recent Academy's Nominees Night, the director fielded a question about a potential Get Out sequel. Peele's response (via ScreenCrush):

"I will definitely, seriously consider it. I love that universe and feel like there's more story to tell. I don't know what it is now, but there are some loose ends, if you know the movie."

Honestly, I don't know what a Get Out sequel would even be about, but I'll leave that to Peele, since I'm sure he has some great ideas. Get Out makes it pretty clear that the family at the center of the film aren't the only people up to nefarious things (I'm being deliberately vague here in case you still haven't seen it!), so perhaps the sequel would examine the apparently far-reaching conspiracy at the heart of the story. Or perhaps it would be something entirely different – again, I'll leave this one up to Peele. All I ask is that he seriously consider calling the film Get Out, Again!

Thanks For Nothing, Emoji Movie

While a Get Out sequel may be in Jordan Peele's future, more acting gigs are not. At least for now. Peele recently told The Hollywood Reporter that his acting days were on hold, and that he'd rather focus on writing, directing and producing instead. While accepting the D.G.A. Award for best first-time director, Peele reaffirmed this decision, and explained what inspired it: The Emoji Movie. In his D.G.A. speech, Peele revealed that he was originally offered the role of Poop in The Emoji Movie, and it was enough to give him serious pause. "The Emoji Movie actually helped me quit acting," Peele said (via Variety). "I was offered the role of Poop."

Peele went on to say that he found the offer "fucked up," but then said he'd sleep on it. Peele also asked how much money he would be paid for the role. His manager then told him, "They've already given it to Sir Patrick Stewart." "I was like, 'Fuck this,'" Peele said.

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