VOTD: Pixar Short Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Pixar Animation is famous for including little Easter eggs in all of their movies that reference not only their previous movies from years before, but also their next movie in the pipeline. That same signature applies to all of Pixar's short films that play before each and every movie that hits theaters.

Not only do the bite-sized Pixar movies reference the other short films they've made, but they also have winks and nods to their feature films. Thankfully, Pixar has assembled a video showing off how their shorts are connected to other Pixar movies, and there are even some references to other Disney animated movies too. They begin with the recent Dante's Lunch that played before Cars 3 and go all the way back to Geri's Game from the first Toy Story.

Check out a bunch of Pixar short film Easter eggs. below.

The more recent Easter eggs have been known for awhile, simply because Pixar now usually goes out of their way to point them out to all the dedicated fans out there. But you might see some Easter eggs from older Pixar shorts that you never noticed were there. Some of them even have Easter eggs that are slightly obscured, really small, or go by in a flash. But that's exactly why we have this video.

My favorite Easter eggs are the ones that reference Pixar's earliest work, when computer animation was nowhere near the level of quality and detail it is today. It's cool to see how Pixar updates characters from their older films and brings them into their more recent movies.