'Get Out' Honest Trailer: Making Villains Out Of White People's Favorite White People

Get Out has officially been nominated for Best Picture (as well as Best Director and Best Original Screenplay) at the Academy Awards, proving yet again that the horror genre isn't a joke. But that doesn't mean there aren't jokes to be made about the movie that shows progressives can be racist too, and turns all of your favorite white people from movies and television into the bad guys.

Watch the Get Out Honest Trailer below.

While there are plenty of jokes to be made at the expense of the movie, including the use of the Windows Phone, the more interesting part of this Honest Trailer is the pointing out of details you might have missed. For example, Rose (Allison Williams) stands up to the police so there's no paper trail to follow when Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) inevitably goes missing. Plus, all the hopeful buyers at the auction for Chris arrive in black vehicles, symbolizing how they hope to use Chris as a vessel for themselves.

However, repeat viewings also raise some questions, such as why has no one noticed that a bunch of black people keep going missing after dating or hanging around with the same white girl? There's also the question of as to whether putting an old brain in a young body would actually allow one to live longer and more youthfully, especially since brains age the same as bodies. But maybe that's something explained by the mystery of the process known as The Coagula.

Anyway, we're just happy a movie like Get Out was nominated for Best Picture.