Here's What A Disney Theme Park Looks Like In The Snow

The recent North American cold wave may have finally dissipated, but just because the blizzard is over in the U.S. and Canada doesn't mean other parts of the world are safe from disruptive weather. In some places, shirtless and pantsless theme park denizens like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck still find themselves retreating indoors to escape the ravages of cold weather.

Until the next ice age comes, one thing Floridians and Californians will likely never get the chance to see in their own backyard is what a Disney park looks like in snow. This week, Tokyo was hit by its heaviest snowstorm in years and while Tokyo Disneyland already has a seasonal event going on right now called "Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy," the park was blanketed in real snow on Monday.

Social media was abuzz with pictures of landmarks like the Walt and Mickey "Partners" statue, Splash Mountain, the Tiki Room pagoda in Adventureland, and Cinderella's Castle covered in snow.

At night, the projection-mapping show Frozen Forever made the already snow-covered Cinderella's Castle look like more of a blue ice castle.

Tokyo Disney Resort is located in the fly zone between two international airports. Planes pass over it all the time, so people could even post pics of what the resort looked like from the air.

TDR Explorer also tweeted out some pictures of what the resort's second park, Tokyo DisneySea, looked like in the middle of the storm, with the central volcano landmark of Mount Prometheus receiving a good snow-dusting and Mickey-eared snowmen popping up around the park.

This time last year, the city of Sapporo in Northern Japan was gearing up for its annual snow festival, where a giant Star Wars snow sculpture would make an appearance. You can see more pictures of that here.


This week Tokyo Disneyland also released details of its year-long 35th-anniversary celebration, which begins April 15, 2018. In May, Oriental Land Company, the resort's owner and operator, is also expected to make an official announcement with regards to the resort's upcoming $2.68-billion-dollar expansion. Many have speculated this expansion could bring the world's 13th Disney park.