'It' Deleted Scene: An Alternate Scene Where Nobody Dies And Everyone Lives Happily Ever After

What if Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) never died and everyone lived happily ever after? C'mon, you can't deny that you hoped the adorable doomed kid would pull through in the end? Look at his little raincoat! And his little boots! And the cute little way he screams "NO!" when his paper boat starts speeding down the drain.

Well, It director Andy Muschietti is here to cater to your every whim, with a "deleted scene" of Georgie meeting Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) that was filmed as a joke, but which I'll take as an alternate, happier version of the movie.

It Deleted Scene

The mildly baffling alternate scene follows Georgie as he chases his boat down the storm drain and meets the alluring Pennywise. The ominous music builds as Georgie reaches his hand down to grab the boat from Pennywise's hand — before the scene suddenly cuts to Georgie running away, cheerily yelling back, "Thanks!" Pennywise looks as flabbergasted as we are, muttering to himself in the sewer, "Ahh shit."

Michael Edwards on Twitter points out the hilarity of Muschietti and his team labeling what was presumably a joke scene as an actual deleted scene — something that I don't think has been done outside of Pixar animating goofy "deleted scenes" for its films. /Film's Chris Evangelista was mostly bemused by the scene in his article describing the It Blu-ray's deleted scenes and special features, writing, "The first deleted scene is going to catch you completely off-guard, because I'm not even sure what this is. In all likelihood, this first scene, titled "Georgie Catches the Boat", is director Andy Muschietti and company having a bit of fun. Rather than an actual deleted scene, this is a blooper, or a joke, or...something?"

But I couldn't help but be overjoyed by this scene, even if its very existence suggests a version of the movie where its entire events never take place. Georgie is just so cute! When he is brutally murdered by Pennywise in the actual opening of the film, I felt my heart being torn to shreds, much like Georgie's mangled arm. And this version was probably fun for Skarsgard to play, as the actor was incredibly fond of the child actors he was supposed to be terrorizing. Plus, we all deserve a nice chuckle over a ridiculous joke scene every now and then.

It is currently available on Blu-ray, which includes 11 deleted scenes, an interview with King, an alternate ending, and more special features.