'The China Hustle' Trailer: The Biggest Wall Street Heist You've Never Heard Of Is Still Happening

"There are no good guys in this story."

Remember that as you watch the trailer for The China Hustle, a new documentary from the producers of the eye-opening Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Focusing on what is being called "the biggest heist you've never heard of," the documentary takes an in-depth look at the fraudulent practices being employed by businesses in China, tricking investors into throwing their money at companies who aren't making nearly as much money as their falsified records would have you believe.

The China Hustle Trailer

The trailer can't effectively dive into the intricacies of the crimes being exposed in this documentary, simply because there are a lot of moving pieces that you must learn about in order to fully understand what's happening here. But that's exactly why this is the kind of movie we should be paying attention to without having Margot Robbie explain the finer details to us from a bubble bath, as she did so eloquently in The Big Short.

If you're wondering how something that's happening in China can have an impact on our own financial situation here in the United States, just know that if this on-going problem gets any bigger, we could be looking at a crippling blow to our financial system. The China Hustle, as it's called, is something is still happening to this day, and unless steps are taken to bring some sense of order to the corrupt financial world, it's only going to get worse. Don't sleep on this wake-up call unless you want to see your retirement money go out the window thanks to poor investments by Wall Street's most skilled crooks.

Jed Rothstein writes and directs The China Hustle while Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner, Ben Cosgrove, Jeff Cuban, Stacey Offman, Alex Gibney and Frank Marshall are all executive producers.

From the producers of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room comes a Wall Street heist story about a still-unfolding financial crime so big, it has the power to affect all of our wallets. Investors on the fringes of the financial world feverishly seek new alternatives for high-return investments in the global markets, and have found a goldmine in China. But when one investor discovers a massive web of fraud, everything else is called into question. Jed Rothstein's documentary rings the alarm on the need for transparency in an increasingly deregulated financial world by following those working to uncover the biggest heist you've never heard of.

The China Hustle hits theaters and VOD on March 30, 2018.