'All The Money In The World' TV Spot Swaps Christopher Plummer For Kevin Spacey

That was fast. Following the recent announcement that All the Money in the World director Ridley Scott would be replacing All the Money co-star Kevin Spacey with actor Christopher Plummer, we now have the first official footage of Plummer stepping into Spacey's part via a new TV spot. In addition to the footage, Ridley Scott sat down with Entertainment Weekly and spoke for the first time on record about the events surrounding Spacey's firing from the film.

See the All the Money in the World TV spot with Christopher Plummer below.

In the wake of multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations against actor Kevin Spacey, All The Money In the World director Ridley Scott made a surprise decision weeks ago to replace Spacey in the upcoming film with actor Christopher Plummer. Actors have been replaced in films before, but this news was particularly surprising because trailers and a poster for the film featuring Spacey had already been released, and the film was set for a fast-approaching December release date – which Scott still planned to keep. Spacey was originally playing real-life oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who refused to pay the ransom when his grandson John Paul Getty III was kidnapped. Scott called back crew and actors to quickly shoot new scenes of Plummer, and now we have our first look at footage of Plummer in the role, courtesy of a new TV spot.

All the Money in the World TV Spot

If you had no idea that Spacey originally filmed his scenes for All the Money in the World, you wouldn't even notice anything different here. For comparison, here's the original trailer, which contains some of the same scenes from the TV spot, but with Spacey.

In a new in-depth profile from EW, director Scott and several of the cast members broke their silence about Spacey's firing and Plummer's hiring. Co-star Michelle Williams, who plays the daughter-in-law of Spacey/Plummer's character, tells EW, "When this idea [to replace Spacey with Plummer] was hatched, I immediately started to feel better. This doesn't do anything to ease the suffering of people who were all too personally affected by Kevin Spacey, but it is our little act of trying to right a wrong. And it sends a message to predators — you can't get away with this anymore. Something will be done."

Scott reveals that he was completely finished with the film when word of the Spacey allegations broke, inspiring him to take action. "I sat and thought about it and realized, we cannot," Scott says. "You can't tolerate any kind of behavior like that. And it will affect the film. We cannot let one person's action affect the good work of all these other people. It's that simple."

Scott goes on to say that after he met with Plummer and got the actor to commit to the role, he quickly made phone calls to crew, actors and agents, asking if they'd all be available for reshoots. "Miraculously, they were," says the director. Elsewhere in the interview, Scott once again affirms that the reshoots will be done in time to keep the film's original December 22, 2017 release date, and that he never even considered pushing release out to 2018. When asked why, the filmmaker bluntly replies, "Because I know I can deliver."

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