'The Emoji Movie' Honest Trailer: It's Like Taco Bell Through A Human Centipede

When it comes to Honest Trailers, there are plenty of jokes made at the expense of the movies, even those that are largely considered to be great. But these movie mocking videos are the most fun when the movie at the center of the Honest Trailer is downright terrible. That's why we're happy to see The Emoji Movie Honest Trailer.

Described as "Taco Bell through a human centipede" right out of the gate, The Emoji Movie doesn't stand a chance against the cavalcade of gut punches dished out to this wholly dumb animated movie.

Watch The Emoji Movie Honest Trailer

Take a journey inside the bland animated world of your phone, all so we can get some poop jokes from the poop emoji, which can't even be helped by the incredible voice of Patrick Stewart. Not even the charismatic, energetic presence of T.J. Miller in the lead role can help you forget that this movie is just a lame mobile phone mash-up of Toy Story, Inside Out and Wreck-It Ralph.

Plenty of people will be quick to point out that this movie is made for kids, so critics and adults in the general audience population don't need to be so harsh on it. But as we point out every time this dumb argument is made, just because it's made for kids doesn't mean it's an excuse to give poor writing and mindless jokes a pass. That's how we end up with garbage like The Emoji Movie to begin with.

So if you're thinking of sitting your kids in front of the TV to watch The Emoji Movie during Thanksgiving this week, maybe round up the family and head out to see Coco instead. You won't refret it.