Cool Stuff: Are You Worthy Enough To Wield Thor's Flying Mjolnir Drone?

Thor's trust hammer Mjolnir may have met its end thanks to the return of Hela the goddess of death in Thor: Ragnarok (in theaters everywhere now), but that's not stopping one talented engineer from trying to wield the power of the godly weapon.

Usually Thor's hammer is only able to be wielded by those who are worthy. But when it comes to a custom flying Mjolnir drone, anyone with the patience to figure out how to fly the unique RC quadcopter can summon the weapon forged in the heart of a dying star. Check out the flying Mjolnir drone in action below.

Here's a look at the flying Mjolnir drone created by Allen Pan at Sufficiently Advanced (via Nerdist):

As you can see, it's far from easy to control the flying Mjolnir drone, but once Allen Pan gets the hang of it, the effect is quite heroic and cool. At times the hammer looks a little wonky flying through the air, mostly because it's not very aerodynamic. But once Pan starts flying it smoothly, the power of the hammer almost feels real. Now if only a toy manufacturer could figure out how to bring this to shelves, this drone would become quite the hot commodity at Christmas.

If custom Mjolnir creations are your jam, then you might want to check out Allen Pan's previous attempt to make a "real Mjolnir" that could only be picked up by those deemed worthy enough, thanks to a conveniently placed electromagnet and fingerprint scanner.