'Justice League' Early Buzz: This Movie Is Pretty Fun And Okay!

After an aborted attempt at a Justice League movie from Mad Max helmer George Miller back in 2007, and the subsequent formulation of an entire cinematic universe with films like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman, we're finally only a few calendar days away from the release of a real and completed live-action Justice League film.

Critics have had a love-hate relationship with the recent slate of DC movies (admittedly leaning a bit more toward hate than love), but now the first batch of social media reactions to Justice League have hit the web. So what's the verdict? Is this more of the same, or is DC on the right track? Read the Justice League early buzz below.

Our own Peter Sciretta was one of the writers able to see Justice League early and his reaction sums up the general consensus – it's pretty good! It's okay! It's a fun time at the movies and a step in the right direction for the DC movie universe.

Overall, the early reactions have been mixed-to-positive, with only a handful of writers labeling the film as a total, unmitigated disaster. Although some people seem to truly love the film, a number of people think it's a good time at the movies and something totally worth seeing (provided that you already like superhero movies).

However, it should be noted that those who didn't like it really didn't like it, even calling out Henry Cavill's digitally removed mustache as a problem!

We'll hear more when Justice League screens for additional audiences and critics next week. Will the buzz remain positive? We shall see!

Justice League – which, don't forget, has a post-credits scene – hits theaters on November 17, 2017.