Video: 'Stranger Things 2' Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

It's been a week since the release of Stranger Things 2, and there's a good chance many of you have already finished the new season. So you're all caught up on the adventures of Eleven, Hopper, and the rest of the gang...but how closely were you watching? Did you notice any easter eggs during your first viewing of the new episodes? Check out this video that collects some of the most overt Stranger Things 2 easter eggs and see how many you spotted.

Stranger Things 2 easter eggs

Clearly, there are some aspects of this video that didn't need to be in there. The Aliens connection with Paul Reiser's casting is beyond obvious and has been talked about to death ever since he was first hired, and pointing out the similarities between a Stranger Things poster and an Evil Dead poster isn't necessary. Of course it looks like the Evil Dead poster – the entire point of the marketing campaign was to mimic famous posters of 1980s movies. We wrote a whole article gathering all of their efforts and comparing them side by side with the original posters that inspired them. But in this video, that's presented as a "gotcha" moment, trying to make it seem like the Stranger Things marketing team was trying to get away with something. I also didn't think about The Exorcist while I was watching Stranger Things 2, but maybe that's because the film came out in 1973 and not during the 1980s.

Still, there are a couple of connections I admittedly didn't draw the first time around, like the "stay frosty" comment from one of the Department of Energy employees being a callback to Aliens, and the vines wrapping themselves around people's legs serving as a shout-out to Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead franchise. And Hopper's knock translating to the word "ITS" in Morse Code is another cool little nod to the work of horror maestro Stephen King, and I definitely didn't pick up on that easter egg.

What about you? Did you catch all of these the first time through? Did you immediately think of The Goonies when Bob mentioned pirate treasure? What other easter eggs did you spot? Let us know in the comments below.