'Preacher' Season 3 Ordered By AMC

Praise the lord! Or hail Satan! Or just say thanks to the suits at AMC. Preacher season 3 is officially going forward, which is excellent news for those still watching the blasphemous and incredibly entertaining comic adaptation about the super-powered preacher, his criminal ex-girlfriend, and their vampire buddy who go on a quest to literally find God. At the very least, their journey will continue for at least one more year.

The news was revealed by series co-creator, executive producer, and sometimes director Seth Rogen, who took to Twitter to share the good news.

Despite being on the same network as pop culture juggernauts like The Walking Dead and critical darlings like the late, great Mad Men, Preacher has yet to find a massive audience. But maybe that's appropriate for a show like this, which feels fine-tuned to appeal to a slim collection of weirdos. It's a cool club! Limited membership! Only those who aren't afraid of being struck down by a higher power for giggling at deeply offensive nonsense should apply! After all, this is a TV show that introduced Adolf Hitler (literally living in Hell!) as a major character and made him best buds with a character whose attempted suicide wounds make his face look like a butthole.

Okay. In retrospect, maybe this show was never going to be a huge hit.

In any case, Preacher season 2 was a huge improvement over the mixed season 1, adding more action and doubling down on the bleak comedy while intensifying the pace. The series has truly found a groove and if season 3 can keep the momentum, we could be in for something really special.

Plus, the second season did end with a huge cliffhanger that suggested we're driving toward one of the original comic's most famous storylines, albeit in a different order than expected. The source material has plenty of gonzo and offensive material left yet! Still, I wouldn't be surprised if season 3 ends up being the final season of the show. The fact that the public at large isn't talking about Preacher at all has me feeling pessimistic.

No specific date has been announced yet, but Preacher season 3 will debut in 2018. Expect it to return in the summer, following in the footsteps of the first two seasons.