The Best TV Shows & Movies Leaving Netflix In November 2017

Typically, the end of October and start of November signals the heart of autumn: crisp air, falling leaves, Halloween, pumpkins (David S. or otherwise), and the proliferation of pumpkin spice flavors applied to every type of food imaginable. But it's 103 degrees in Los Angeles today and there are at least more 100-plus degree days on the horizon, so please forgive me if I'm not quite in the spirit of the season yet.

When I'm done shaking my fist at the heavens, I'll go inside and try to drown my weather-related sorrows in a solid batch of Netflix movies. movies. Luckily, we have a list of all of the TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in November 2017, and we'll highlight a few of them that are worth cramming in before this month comes to a close.

The Matrix Reboot

The Matrix Trilogy

Revisit the popularization of bullet time, some mind-bending action, and that classic Keanu Reeves utterance: "Whoa." Before The Wachowskis were making ambitious, ill-fated epics, they made an ambitious, incredibly successful one with The Matrix trilogy; while the first movie is clearly the best of the bunch, the car chase in Reloaded is legendary and the climactic battle in Revolutions feels like an anime come to life in a way that no actual adaptation of an anime ever has save for maybe Speed Racer, which was also a Wachowski joint. (Leaving November 1)



Martin Scorsese's love letter to the cinematic art form is an enchanting, sumptuous piece of storytelling and probably the most kid-friendly picture that director has ever made. But don't let that scare you away: it's also heartwarming, imaginative, and features Oscar-winning cinematography, visual effects, and art direction, sound mixing, and sound editing. (Leaving November 1)

v for vendetta tv series

V For Vendetta

If you're trying to escape the horrors of our real news, this admittedly won't be a great choice to turn to – it's about a totalitarian government who has oppressed its citizens into complacency using fear and intimidation. It's essentially a political superhero movie, and considering it's an adaptation of an Alan Moore comic, that's not too surprising. This film has style for days (arguably too much for its own good), and excellent performances from stars Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. (Leaving November 1)



This 1995 comedy was one of my favorite movies as a ten-year-old kid, and I'm fascinated to see if it holds up watching it through a modern lens. Though I suspect the very premise – kids at a fat camp – would spark a hundred thinkpieces if it came out today. In any case, Dodgeball fans should definitely watch this because you can see Ben Stiller working through a proto-version of White Goodman here with Tony Perkis, his fitness-obsessed villain. (Leaving November 5)


Sky High

I know we're inundated with superhero films these days, but if you skipped this 2005 high school comedy that centers on the kids of super-powered parents, you're missing out on a solid Kurt Russell performance. The casting and strong direction elevate what sounds on paper like an overly cheesy concept – this is actually a fun and entertaining coming-of-age story that was years ahead of the game. (Leaving November 5)

netflix logoNovember 1

Back to the Secret Garden

Black Books: Series 1-3

Christmas with the Kranks

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Hard Candy



The Brothers

The Legend of Hell House

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions

The Newton Boys

Thomas & Friends: A Very Thomas Christmas

Thomas & Friends: Holiday Express

Thomas & Friends: Merry Winter Wish

Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines

Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas


V for Vendetta

November 3

Do I Sound Gay?

November 5

Hannah Montana: The Movie


Sky High

November 8

The Heartbreak Kid

November 11


November 13

How I Met Your Mother: Seasons 1-9

November 15

Jessie: Seasons 1-4

The Human Centipede: First Sequence

We Are Still Here

November 16

Cristela: Season 1

Dream House

Joan Rivers: Don't Start with Me

The Break-Up

November 17

Reggie Yates Outside Man: Volume 2

Somewhere Only We Know

November 22

The Warlords

November 25

Gringolandia: Seasons 1-3

November 30


Legends: Seasons 1-2

The Gambler