The 14 Weirdest Horror Icon Appearances: Music Videos, 'SNL,' And Some Insane Commercials

In the necessary world of cinematic promotion, studios will do anything for publicity. Nowadays, it's all viral internet campaigns and pop-up shops, but times weren't always so simple. Without the internet, without VR experiences – without today's "developed" advantages – marketing pros relied on much simpler means to drive their product. Maybe a music video featuring a movie character jamming with rockstars of the era? Maybe some dial-a-character telephone gimmick? An awards show skit? In any case, old-school marketing departments were forced to create imaginative Hollywood tie-ins with only half our society's current means. That's obvious to us old folks, but younger generations may forget!

I give you that background to introduce you to my latest quest – to hunt down the horror genre's most wild, irreplicable videos featuring genre icons forced into promotional crossover buffoonery. But why stop there? As I dragged the internet's depths, even better content presented itself. Horror's biggest names shoehorned into commercials and singing on Saturday Night Live. I can't not share that, right?

So I dug into the "lost but not forgotten" pile of extracurricular B-roll featuring some conceptually insane horror icon appearances. These are the best of the best. You may have found some already yourself – or experienced them live – while others will hopefully raise an eyebrow. In any case, enjoy this obscure collection of horror icons doing the darndest things that don't involve killing.

Just wait until you hit "Freddy in Japan." You guys. GUYS.

1. Chucky Insults Rick Steiner and Mean Gene on WCW Monday Nitro 

As an enthusiastic wrestling fan and steadfast Child's Play protester in my youth, Chucky's cameo during a Monday Nitro segment was quite conflicting. At the time, I was horrified. Looking back? I can appreciate what a bizarre appearance it was. Chucky – projected on the arena's megatron – defending Scott "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner and ridiculing his brother, the leather-clad Bulldog (greatest jacket in wrestling?).

Don Mancini's creation had no dog in any WCW fight, but how better to work in a violent threat against both Rick Steiner and Mean Gene Okerlund? Chucky's dialogue stinks of pre-recorded timing, syncing responses with a live-TV awkwardness – yet it entertains nonetheless (certainly not Chuckster's weirdest appearance, as you'll see). "Get that dummy out of here!" shouts Mean Gene. Rick Steiner staring in confusion as Chucky cackles and threatens to twist his head off, eventually leading to a Bride Of Chucky plug.

Points for Brad Dourif's voice, points for calling Rick Steiner a "genetic throwback that barks." Maybe next time get Chucky in the ring?!

2. Chucky Drops by Weekend Update to Talk Politics and Kill Colin Quinn 

Another Bride Of Chucky tie-in, but this one's a bit off-brand.

During one of SNL's wackiest Weekend Update segments, Chucky – fully suited – joins Colin Quinn to discuss...the Clinton fellatio scandal? You can immediately hear it's not Brad Dourif, and even though the bit appears live, it's even more awkwardly paced than the WCW stunt. Cue Chucky launching into a speech about how Clinton has more-or-less been scrutinized enough, followed by a pro-oral-sex joke from a schmoozing Chucky whose delivery is flatter than a stashed liter of Crystal Pepsi.

Then Chucky whips out a knife and attempts to "kill" Quinn (asking his co-host to "get a beer" beforehand), only to be carried away by Horatio Sanz. Not exactly the motivated Chucky we're used to.

3. That Creepy Robot in Daft Punk's 2005 Music Video For "Technologic?" A Chucky Sighting! 

Here's one for the "Wait, what?!" files.  Chucky once starred in a Daft Punk music video! Go back and give "Technologic" a watch. See that creepy-lookin' skeleton of an animatronic dummy? That's none other than a skinned, stripped-down Chucky model from Seed of Chucky. It's more of a behind-the-scenes kind of feel with some funk tunes, but it's a rare look into what makes Chucky tick under the overalls and freckles. Still creepy as hell, only defined by gummy chompers and eyebrow movements.

4. Cenobites Rock Out With Motörhead in Hellraiser Music Video

Ugh, I seriously miss when horror movies often signed big-name talent to write theme songs. We'll get to Freddy and The Fat Boys, but first let's start with Pinhead and the God of rock-n-roll incarnate, Lemmy Kilmister. Cenobites squaring off against a man who's now probably drinking the Devil under a table just for fun, whiskey in one hand, and middle finger clenched in the other – just like he gives to Pinhead in this video (off camera).

Motörhead are playing what looks like a private show for Pinhead and his cronies when a scraggly, stereotyped metal fan sits in front of them. Pinhead grabs the kid and probably gives him a stern chat (jk he tortures his soul into oblivion), Lemmy gets pissed, he beats Pinhead in a hand of cards (4 Aces, and don't forget the Joker!), boom goes the middle finger, motorcycles rev, and a horror legend is left cursing Motörhead's name.

Lemmy, the only man should could make Pinhead look like some posh Bret Michaels lame-o. RIP.

are you ready for freddy

5. Freddy Krueger, the Crypt-Keeper and Jason Voorhees Star in Their Own Music Videos:

As previously addressed, Pinhead wasn't the only horror icon to shake, rattle and roll with headlining musical acts. I was going to give each legend their own segment, but to minimize repetition, let's chart a quick list of horror icons getting their own music video spotlights.

The Fat Boys – “Are You Ready For Freddy”

First up is Freddy Krueger's run-in with The Fat Boys. Their song, "Are You Ready For Freddy," was used as the theme for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and features a rapping Robert Englund in fully Krueger makeup. The "Boys" encounter Freddy after entering a pretty-obviously-haunted Elm Street house and he walk-chases Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski and Buff Love while spittin' dope rhymes. For real – Freddy raps. Thank you, the '80s.

"Crypt Jam"

Not to be outdone, the Crypt-Keeper hit the early '90s with a smooth R&B track titled "The Crypt Jam." Voice actor John Kassir squeals puns like "We'll have skele-TONS of fun!" while zombie dancers pop, lock and drop in the background. Cue the obligatory hot-chick-shakes-butt-next-to-the-Crypt-Keeper's-face shot, so-bad-it's-good awkwardness and Mr. Keeper dressed like Samuel L. Jackson. It's the Tales From The Crypt/House Party crossover you never knew you wanted.

The Menzingers – “I Don’t Wanna Be An A**hole Anymore”

Wolfie’s Just Fine – “A New Beginning”

Crystal Lake's famed murderer makes two notable appearances in modern music, completely separated from any film promotion. First in a story of reform for The Menzingers' "I Don't Wanna Be An A**hole Anymore," and then again in Wolfie's Just Fine's tribute "A New Beginning" (sung by comedian Jon Lajoie). One gives Jason a chance to turn a new leaf, the other is an acknowledgement of how slasher films awakened many a viewer's sexuality. Vastly different. Both winners.

6. Chucky Introducing Clips at the 1990 Horror Hall of Fame 

This isn't as weird since Child's Play turned Chucky into an immediate horror icon. What better way to celebrate the release of Child's Play 2 than sticking Chucky in a white suit and plopping him on-stage at the 1990 Horror Hall of Fame ceremony? With Robert Englund flanking him, Chucky introduced the year's best-and-brightest in International Horror, from a Bollywood vampire musical to Amsterdamned. It's all about Brad Dourif doing his best "Jack Nicholson At An Awards Ceremony" schtick, complete with a nice little marketing ploy near the end. It's nice to see a dapper side of Chucky (although maybe he should see a better tailor next time).

7. Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees Las Vegas Weigh-In

When Freddy vs. Jason was announced, horror fans viewed the throwdown as their version of a heavyweight title bout. What better way for New Line Cinema to promote the event than with an actual Las Vegas weigh-in? Michael Buffer announcing, kill-counts compared, entrance robes – studio heads wanted Freddy vs. Jason to be an event. "Press" were even allowed to ask questions after the weigh-in. Jason had no comment.

Points are awarded just for Freddy's hockey goalie joke, as lame-tastic as the set-up is. Double points for Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger appearing as their on-screen killers, if reports are to be believed. Englund's Krueger sounds a bit different in real life, but the wit is still there. I'll buy it.

8. Freddy Krueger on Japanese Television 

If you think I have any idea what in the name of satanic panic is going on in that video...good luck. All I know is that Robert Englund appeared on a Japanese variety show called "Kato-Chan Ken-Chan Gokigen" in full Freddy Krueger makeup. At first it's just weird, then the fake mustaches come out. And everyone starts playing a toss-the-ball game where Krueger's "victims" must stab said ball with a replica blade glove. And Freddy starts dancing. Then there's a bit where Freddy appears pantsless, standing over a woman in bed in the creepiest, most suggestively WTF way.

9. Freddy “1-900” Hotlines

1-900-909-FRED. Did any of you call this number? $2 for the first minute, .45 cents each additional one? It's a steep price even considering inflation, but who doesn't want a personal "Deadtime Story" read to them? Intro by Freddy, again on the outro to keep you dialed-in for an extra buck.

Or maybe you called 1-900-860-4-FRED to test your Freddy Krueger knowledge? Maybe you won the $10K as promised, or even a role in A Nightmare On Elm Street 6? God bless the internet. Nowadays, you'd just have some kind of online campaign to win special coverage/experiences. No more having to talk to fake Freddy Kruegers or pay telephone toll charges. Still doesn't erase these gems from history, though!

If any die-hard fans want to hear one of Freddy's Deadtime Stories, Dwayne Cathey was nice enough to upload 45-minutes worth of 'em to the internet for prosperity. Just try not to think about how much the compilation cost...

10. Jason Voorhees on Arsenio Hall

To promote Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Voorhees appeared on Arsenio Hall's late-night talk show. Out he walks, holding his axe, lumbering over to the guest's couch. "How are you?" Arsenio starts. Jason, unflinching, glares without answer. Arsenio starts giggling, and there you have the entire gimmick. Jason – who does not speak – being asked questions by Arsenio Hall.

That said, Hall's energy plucks a few juicy berries of situational comedy. "You're angry," he says with a smile, placing his hand on Jason's arm only to immediately pull away in confused fear. Arsenio does ask Jason what happened to make him so angry, and, I mean, after seven Friday the 13th films, that question has a pretty definitive answer. And no, it's not because Jason was cut from a hockey team. But hey, it could have been lamer. Like the next entry...

11. Jason Voorhees Accepts MTV Lifetime Achievement Award 

In 1992, the MTV Movie Awards presented Jason Voorhees with a Lifetime Achievement Award for – as host Dennis Miller phrased it – having a lasting "impact on the artform" of cinema. Cue a schmaltzy video intro that splices Friday the 13th kills with Frank Sinatra's "My Way," followed by Jason taking the stage.

Er, okay. Maybe not actual Jason. As Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam" blares, an actor wearing a Jason mask – not even covering his hair – schmoozes his way towards Miller (after hugging a female Voorhees). Then he speaks, and you realize it's none other than Jon Lovitz underneath the cheap Voorhees facade. He references movies "1-8" not by title, and makes jokes about teaching an acting class in "the valley" – there's never an attempt to actually respect Friday The 13th or Mr. Voorhees in the slightest. It's just a quick gimmick that eventually leads to Miller unmasking Lovitz, an A League Of Their Own plug and Lovitz being walked off stage.

As far as horror crossovers go, this is a pretty lame one. Instead, you should watch Godzilla win the same award in 1996 with a much better acceptance.

12. Jason Voorhees Does Security For Alice Cooper

Did you know that Jason Voorhees has been carving up press peeps who annoy Alice Cooper ever since Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives? Cooper's "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" serves as the film's theme song and apparently Jason liked it so much that he bailed on Crystal Lake to tour as Cooper's head of security. In the above concert video, you'll witness Jason appear from the shadows to drag away a rather intrusive photographer who's abusing his press badge, never to be heard from again...or at least until the next show when Cooper's team pulls the same stunt.

13. SNL's I Know What You Did Last Summer Skit 

In yet another "horror villain doing a musical number" bit, November of 1998 reunited two I Know What You Did Last Summer castmates in the most peculiar way. Jennifer Love Hewitt, while hosting an episode of SNL, found herself onstage with costumed Muse Watson, who played killer Ben Willis, AKA The Fisherman, in the film. What happens next? A loving duet of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Images show the two embracing and sharing laughs along with images from Willis' slasher spree. Isn't a heartfelt reunion just the best?

FYI, good luck finding an actual clip of the scene online. The only way to actually see this interaction is on Hulu.

14. Argentina's Best DIRECTV Commercial

In 2007, DIRECTV released an advertisement in Argentina that dared to suggest our favorite horror icons share in our love of the Christmas spirit. Freddy Krueger drags cut-down trees with Jason Voorhees, Darth Vader blows dandelion fluff, Chucky seesaws with a young child – all while a wispy cover of "Silent Night" plays atop. Samara pops through a TV screen with gift in hand. Hannibal Lecter helps with dinner. It's like one big happy horror family!

"Some people are good only at Christmas time," the commercial goes on to say. "Others are good all year long. DIRECTV is better." Not sure I fully understand how a marketing department came together with the idea, but I'll take it. Anything that features a Dracula, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Darth Vader frolicking through a grassy field is worth a curious watch (although Voorhees has a chainsaw, assumedly because Leatherface wouldn't allow rights usage).

Honorable Mention: Jason Voorhees and Chucky also appear in Radio Shack's 2014 Super Bowl commercial about 80s pop-culture figures "taking back" their store. Horror icons becoming glorified movers. Sounds about right.