Cool Stuff: Bottleneck Gallery's NYCC 2017 Prints Include 'The Empire Strikes Back', 'Wonder Woman' & More

This weekend, New York Comic-Con will descend upon The Big Apple, bringing all sorts of hardcore nerdity to the city. We'll be bringing you all of the important updates about upcoming movies and TV shows, but in the meantime, we've got a line on some of the outstanding collectible artwork you'll be able to get your hands on from the showfloor (and some you can get online too).

Bottleneck Gallery has sent us some exclusive debuts of prints that will be on sale this weekend at New York Comic-Con. They include an outstanding new print for The Empire Strikes Back by Karl Fitzgerald, who also delivered a mesmerizing piece in honor of Blade Runner 2049. Plus, Martin Ansin has an astounding print for Wonder Woman, and there are prints for The Thing, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Watchmen, Jaws, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

Check out the Bottleneck Gallery NYCC prints down below.

First up, here's Karl Fitzgerald's pair of prints for The Empire Strikes Back, produced in collaboration with Acme Archives:

The regular version (left) has a numbered edition of 275 and will cost you $50 while the variant on the right has a numbered edition of 100 and will cost you $65. Both are 24x36 screen prints and will be on sale this week at NYCC.

In addition, Karl Fitzgerald also designed this Blade Runner 2049 piece:

Blade Runner 2049 - Karl Fitzgerald

This print will only be available in limited quantities, but it will be given away for free on Saturday, October 7th at Botteneck Gallery's booth (#2160) while supplies last.

Finally, if you're not going to be in NYCC or you don't think you'll be fast enough to get any of the limited online releases that might come out of the convention, we have good news. Martin Ansin has created a Wonder Woman print that has a timed edition that will be available from Wednesday, October 4) until Sunday, October 8. Check out that print along with the variant right here:

The regular version is a screen print with metallic inks that will cost you $50 (and it's on sale now at the Bottleneck Gallery site). It's an open edition that will be determined by how many are purchased on the Bottleneck website, so as long as you order in the next five days, it's yours. Meanwhile, the variant on the right, screen printed with metallic inks and varnish, has an edition of 275 and will cost you $65. Both prints measure 24x36 inches.

Otherwise, here's a batch of the other prints that will be released at NYCC by Bottleneck Gallery: