'The Babysitter' Trailer Attempts To Make Human Sacrifice A Laugh Riot

Hey, remember McG? The director of Charlie's AngelsTerminator: Salvation and other movies that really don't hold up well, if they ever held up at all? Well he's back, and now he's working within the freeing world of Netflix! His latest film, the horror comedy The Babysitter, will hit Netflix this month, and you can catch your first glimpse of the film now. The Babysitter trailer is below!

Billed as a film about "human sacrifice with hot people," whatever the hell that means, The Babysitter focuses on a lonely 12-year-old boy with a crush on his babysitter. That's nothing out of the ordinary, but what is out of the ordinary is the fact that the babysitter is part of a Satanic cult that wants to sacrifice the lovestruck kid. Shenanigans ensue! If you don't believe me, just watch the shenanigan-heavy trailer. The shenanigans are off the charts here, people. Fair warning though: if you're a spoiler-phobe, this trailer seems to give away several deaths involving the film's main characters.

The Babysitter Trailer

The Babysitter stars Bella ThorneRobbie AmellSamara WeavingAndrew BachelorHana Mae Lee, and Judah Lewis, all of whom seem to suffer various forms of cartoony violence here. Look, I'm not going to say an idea like this couldn't inspire a great, twisted dark comedy. I'm just not sure McG is the man to make that happen. Judging by this trailer, much of the humor of The Babysitter springs from characters acting like annoying jerks and then occasionally getting hurt. It's like a very unfunny Three Stooges skit stretched to feature-length with blood added. If that floats your boat, more power to you. That said, the premise of this film seems somewhat similar to Murder Party, the directorial debut of Green Room and Blue Ruin filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier. Maybe you should just watch that instead – which you can if you have a Shudder subscription, as the film is currently streaming there.The Babysitter was originally supposed to be a New Line Cinema release, but after several release date delays, New Line agreed to sell the film to the Boies/Schiller Film Group, who then sold it to Netflix, per VarietyThe Babysitter script, by Brian Duffield, who also wrote the first Insurgent film and the troubled Natalie Portman film Jane Got a Gun, had been making the rounds in Hollywood since at least 2014, where it ended up on the Black List, an annual survey of the most highly regard unproduced screenplays. Which means someone, somewhere, really liked this thing. Maybe this is just a poorly put together trailer? Maybe there are untold riches awaiting us all in McG's The Babysitter.The Babysitter drops on Netflix October 13.