Cool Stuff: Mondo's New 'The Goonies' Prints Will Make Your Day (And Night)

Hey, you guys! Mondo has two new prints inspired by Richard Donner's kid-friendly action adventure classic The Goonies.

Artist George Bletsis has delivered two gorgeous prints commemorating the ragtag group of kids who went looking for treasure, get caught up with a dangerous criminal family, and meet a big, special friend in the process. One sees the sunlight shining on The Goonies while the other has them glowing in the moonlight. Check out both of The Goonies prints from Mondo below.

Here are The Goonies prints by George Bletsis being released by Mondo today:

Here's what George Bletsis had to say about these new prints:

"I'm absolutely overjoyed to have work on a Goonies piece; it was one of the movies that influenced me most as a kid, sending my friends and me into an adventuring frenzy! My main aim when coming up with the concept for the poster was to try and capture how grand the adventure facing the kids is, and to convey the feeling that the spirit of One-eyed-Willy is looming large over everything they do. I tackled this almost as if I were designing The Goonies as an animated series, so I worked with a really limited palette, focused on the bold shapes of the landscape, and tried to keep the kids silhouettes strong and recognizable."

The regular version on the left has a hand-numbered edition of 275 and will cost you $45 while the variant on the right is a hand-numbered edition of 125 and will cost you $60. Both prints measure 18x24 and will be on sale at Mondo's website at a random time today, so stay tuned to @MondoNews on Twitter to find out when.

Oh, and if enamel pins are your jam, here's one of Sloth designed by Tom Whalen, also available at Mondo today.