POTD: The Indominus Rex Of 'Jurassic World' Almost Looked Completely Different

When Jurassic World hit theaters in the summer of 2015, it had to at least try to match the screen presence of the majestic but deadly tyrannosaurus rex from the original Jurassic Park. That's easier said than done, and despite having a meta sort of storyline about the fully functional Jurassic World creating a genetic hybrid beast to keep the park's attendees interested, the so-called Indominus Rex wasn't all that impressive. But perhaps it could have been.

Concept artist Ian Joyner recently shared a piece of concept art he created for Jurassic World, showing off an alternate design for the Indominus Rex. It's quite the departure from the final creature we saw in the half-reboot, half-sequel, but it looks significantly cooler, in our opinion.

Here's the Indominus Rex concept art Ian Joyner posted to his ArtStation page:

Jurassic World - Indominus Rex Concept Art

Jurassic World - Indominus Rex Concept Art

In his post online, Joyner says, "No one particular dinosaur was referenced, as it was a hybrid creation." However, if you look at this design for the Indominus Rex, it appears to borrow plenty of details from the tyrannosaurus rex. Particularly the head and eyes make the dinosaur look like a mutated version of the dinosaur we loved from the original movie, and the yellow color only adds to that vibe, almost looking like the dinosaur fell into some radioactive waste.

Unlike the final version of the Indominus Rex, this design still has significantly smaller arms. That's actually my favorite part of the genetic hybrid dinosaur, because it made her a little more deadly than the tyrannosaurus rex, giving her much more mobility and dexterity when it came to tearing through the park and eating people.

Do you like this version of Indominus Rex better than the one in Jurassic World?