'BoJack Horseman' Season 5 To Bring You More Hilarious Misery

BoJack Horseman, the funniest show about self-loathing you'll ever see, is one of the best original shows on Netflix. Somehow able to combine extremely sharp, often obscure jokes with crushing yet keen reflections on depressing, it's a truly remarkable piece of pop entertainment. And Netflix isn't horsing around about it, either. Per BoJack Horseman's own Twitter account, straight from the horse's mouth, comes word that Netflix has greenlit Bojack Horseman Season 5.

Created by Raphael Bob-WaksbergBoJack Horseman is set in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist. One such anthropomorphic individual is BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett), a washed-up sitcom star trying to deal with his fading fame as well as his personal demons. Other characters include Diane (Alison Brie), a writer friend of BoJack's; Todd (Aaron Paul), BoJack's former house guest; Princess Caroline (Amy Sedaris), BoJack's agent and ex-girlfriend; and Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins), BoJack's sometimes rival/sometimes friend.

For four seasons now, BoJack Horseman has consistently improved to the point where it's become one of the very best shows that Netflix has to offer. It's equal parts silly and meaningful, able to make you burst out laughing one minute and completely wreck you emotionally the next. The show may be almost too dark for some, but perhaps that's what makes it great. It can be both a ridiculous romp and a deeply thought-out show about terribly flawed individuals who are just doing the best that they can. Creator Bob-Waksberg put it best in his interview with /Film:

I don't know if I believe in good people and bad people. I think we're all just doing our best and we can all stand to do a little better, but I don't necessarily think you turn a corner and then you are a good person and before that you were a bad person. I think that kind of thinking is actually very limiting and unhelpful. With Bojack we are seeing him on this journey. I think we're hoping for him to find a way to be more gracious and kind and positive and better to people in his life and better to himself, but I don't know if I necessarily frame it as he was a bad person and he will become a good person...I think as soon as we start thinking of ourselves as good people, that's when we start letting ourselves off the hook which is bad. I think we should always be trying to be better but that doesn't mean we want to be good. I think you need to think of yourself as a flawed human being with aspirations for goodness and never start to think, "Oh, I am a good guy. These other people are bad guys. They're dumb, I am smart." I think that's when you let yourself off the hook because saying, "Okay, I'm a good person, therefore that thing that I did wasn't that bad" and you justify and you rationalize. I think it's better to say, "Okay, I am trying to be a good person or a better person. Therefore if I did this bad thing, I need to improve and work on that."

Look for BoJack Horseman Season 5 most likely sometime next year.