Ep. 433 - It

This week, DavidJeff, and Devindra discuss the challenges of seeing Hamilton, the sadness of The Orville, and wish they could see T2 in theaters without the 3D. Be sure to read Peter's essay on getting into the Magic Castle and Devindra's review of T2. To enter our Big Sick contest, email slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com with subject line "Big Sick Contest" and let us know your worst moviegoing experience with a date or significant other.

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What We've Been Watching
  • David: Hamilton
  • Devindra: T2 3D, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Insecure
  • Jeff: The Orville, Bojack Season 4, Bo Burnham's Make Happy
  • Film News:
  • Colin Trevorrow out of Star Wars 9
  • Hollywood blames Rottentomatoes
  • Featured review: (1:08:00)
  • It
  • SPOILERS (1:34:00)
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