'The Mummy' Deleted Scene: Tom Cruise Is Stayin' Alive

It's the movie extra you've all been looking forward to: a deleted scene from The Mummy! Just kidding, I know none of you have been looking forward to it.

With the coming release of Universal's failed attempt to launch it's shared Dark Universe on Blu-ray and DVD, fans of the Tom Cruise vehicle can get a sneak peek at a deleted scene that features the 55-year-old actor in all his shirtless glory.

Tom Cruise dies and comes back to life in The Mummy. That's not a spoiler, it's legitimately how the movie begins, with Cruise's unlikable protagonist Nick Morton dying in an airplane carrying the cursed sarcophogus of the titular Mummy, before becoming undead himself. The confused Nick wakes in a body bag in the morgue in Oxford, and that's that.

Except it's not, according to this deleted scene debuted by Entertainment Weekly. There's some fun to be had in a dead man coming back to life, so cue the scene in which Nick frantically puts on some clothes while cursing at the perplexed mortician, while his partner Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) nervously paces back and forth.

The scene picks up right after Nick wakes up naked in the body bag, demanding, "Who's in charge here?" to the mortician (Neil Maskell), who apologizes profusely and sweatily as Jenny paces.

Nick interrupts his apology to ask, "Did people actually die in these clothes?" to which the mortician briskly responds, "Not all of them, no."

It plays like a comedic scene, though there aren't that many laughs that can be eked out from Jenny scoffing, "Surely they know the difference between the living and the dead," and Maskell's mortician responding, "Ideally yes." It's not hard to see why this 30-second scene was cut.

I'm going to make the inevitable jokes that will appear in response to this article. Ahem: "Oh-hoh they should have just deleted the entire movie!" and "Tom Cruise is a real-life mummy!" Yes, Cruise should probably stop showing off his body like he's still a 30-something hotshot. Yes, The Mummy was not great. But you can't help but feel bad for Universal for placing all their bets on this film launching a whole shared cinematic universe, however misguided that plan was. It was one of the many big budget bombs of the summer, but Cruise will likely not blink at the loss. But his co-star Sofia Boutella — whose absence from this deleted scene makes it barely worth watching — at least deserves another chance. We've seen her shine in much better movies.

The Mummy is currently available on digital, and will be hit the Blu-ray, DVD and VOD shelves on September 12, 2017.