'The Mindy Project' Final Season Trailer: Mindy Finally Says Later, Baby

Oh The Mindy Project, what you could have been. What started off as a promising homage to the romantic-comedy genre became a diluted workplace sitcom with stock comedy characters getting into hijinks that just weren't that funny.

But Mindy Kaling's 6-season project did serve some laughs and one of the best relationships on comedy TV for a while there, which is why this final season feels a little bittersweet.

Mindy's married but she's "not buried!" Which is apparently the mantra of the season, as Mindy juggles with her new marriage with Ben (aka Not Danny) with her responsibilities as a mother, while being as Mindy as possible. That means the regular 'ol hijinks and shenanigans that the OB/GYNs at Shulman & Associates get into, including Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) injuring himself and getting naked a whole lot.

Despite the six seasons of character development and emotional journeys that Mindy and co., have gone through, it seems like they're mostly the same since the series started to air on Fox in 2012. It's not unconventional for sitcoms to maintain the status quo — that's a huge part of their appeal after all — but The Mindy Project promised to do something more before it didn't.

First they developed the chemistry between Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina) fairly quickly, turning their relationship into both a loving and biting send-up to the rom-coms that Kaling is so fond of. And then it started to live up to its title and developing Mindy into one of the more intriguing female characters on TV: she was annoying, blunt, and self-destructive, but she was also so bold in her career choices that she verged on becoming a feminist hero. Unfortunately in developing this aspect of Mindy they ruined Danny's character — also in part because Messina wanted to pursue his film career — and were left with neutered version of the series. Even Mindy's exciting development toward becoming a career woman was left in the dust with the introduction of Ben, her current love interest and apparent husband who did not appear once in the trailer.

It's been a roller coaster of emotions following The Mindy Project, but I will miss it when it goes off the air — or off the internet, as it were.

The Mindy Project's 6th and final season will premiere on Hulu on September 12.