'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trading Cards Reveal New Details And Images

It's Force Friday II, meaning everything related to Star Wars is getting a huge push today as the first merchandise from Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits shelves. While director Rian Johnson has indicated that all the merchandise hitting shelves doesn't contain any spoilers fans should be worried about, that doesn't mean there aren't some interesting details to be gleaned in other areas.

In honor of Force Friday II, the Star Wars Card Trader app from Topps released a new batch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi cards, and while most of them are simply cool images of characters, there is something of note that appears in one of them. More importantly, and perhaps slightly spoilery, another set of cards from the tangible Topps collectible Star Wars gives some vague indications of certain story elements from The Last Jedi.

First up, let's talk about the tangible Topps cards for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The collectible card company is releasing a whole line of cards as part of their "Journey to The Last Jedi" push, and that includes 20 cards that will reveal images from the movie. Some of them give us little story details, but nothing to worry about as far as spoiling the movie. The images themselves haven't emerged online, but here are the captions on the Star Wars The Last Jedi trading cards (via StarWarsNewsNet):

  • 91 Rey's Solitude
  • 92 General Leia Organa
  • 93 Rey and her Lightsaber
  • 94 On Crait
  • 95 Rushing to Attack
  • 96 Finn's Recovery
  • 97 Poe Responds
  • 98 The Fury of Kylo Ren
  • 99 Shards of the Past
  • 100 Luke's Grim Perspective
  • 101 Ski Speeder Assault
  • 102 Walkers Incoming
  • 103 The Resistance
  • 104 The Resistance X-wing
  • 105 The Resistance A-wing
  • 106 The Battle Commences
  • 107 Frigates Under Fire
  • 108 The Resistance Vs. The First Order
  • 109 The Millennium Falcon Flees
  • 110 Heroes United

Initially, it was thought that these cards were in chronological order since that's how the cards for Star Wars: The Force Awakens appeared on the list as well. But Topps has since clarified that the cards are not in the order in which the images appear in the movie. Still, there are some noteworthy captions to call out.

First of all, there's "Luke's Grim Perspective." This could be the big reveal as to why Luke Skywalker thinks the Jedi need to end. We're not sure if there's a specific catalyst or if the card will just show an image of Luke during the scene where he reveals his thoughts to Rey, but it's clear that Luke has some worrisome ideas in his head.

Then we have "The Millennium Falcon Flees," which makes us wonder just what the iconic ship has to run from. We know the Millennium Falcon is parked on Ahch-To right now as Rey meets Luke Skywalker, and it will likely stay there during that time, leaving Chewbacca to hang out with the Porgs and hopefully start a band. But will the ship have to flee Ahch-To at some point? Or is this moment from later in the movie when the Millennium Falcon presumably gets caught up in a space battle?

Finally, that last card offers some hope that we'll finally get to see Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa reunited. Fans have been hoping the brother and sister would reunite, especially now that Carrie Fisher has passed away. Hopefully, a reunion was part of this sequel and we'll get to see the twins together one last time.

That's all there is to pick up on from the physical Star Wars The Last Jedi trading cards from Topps, but there's more in the digital trading cards.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Trading Cards

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Digital Trading Cards

The images above and below were released in the Star Wars Card Trader app today as part of Force Friday II. Most of the cards in question are just new images of the heroes and villains. Some of them are particularly cool, especially the one that looks like it could be a theatrical poster (above). Here are the rest of the new cards revealed in the app today:

But there's one in particular that appears to reveal an interesting little detail about Luke Skywalker. Check out that image with Rey standing on a cliffside and Luke Skywalker looking out at the distance. Do you see what's in the water? That's an X-wing submerged just under the surface, presumably near the rocky shore of the island.

At first I thought that was Luke Skywalker's old X-wing, but if you look at the engines, they have the newer design with a circle on each side split down the middle as opposed to the two full circle engines on each side in the original trilogy. That means it's a newer X-wing, but it probably still belonged to Luke. After all, he had to get to Ahch-To somehow, and maybe he decided to submerge it under water with the intention of not giving himself a way off the island. Perhaps Luke intended to stay on Ahch-To for the rest of his life.

The existence of this X-wing offers up another possible opportunity to echo a moment from The Empire Strikes Back. Remember how Yoda had Luke Skywalker try to lift his X-wing out of the swamp of Dagobah and he failed? What if a similar scenario played out in this movie, but instead of Rey failing, she actually succeeds in pulling the ship out of the ocean without much of a struggle. Could that be a turning point for Luke to believe in her?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.