New 'Inhumans' Teaser Makes A Literal Budget Cut On Medusa's Hair

In the months leading up to its release, Inhumans has been constantly attacked for its lackluster CGI, the stiff acting performances, and most importantly, the bad wigs.

Well, the newest Inhumans teaser says "How about we fix two out of the three of these problems by getting rid of the infamous wig altogether?" That's right ladies and gentlemen, we've got bald Medusa.

The Inhumans teaser begins as many of its past trailers have, with the Inhumans showing off their unique and visually exciting powers in the vast, majestic city of Attilan. There's also 100% more of the Lockjaw in it, so the teaser gets off to a great start.

However, the high point of seeing the adorable teleporting dog is immediately brought back down by the coup staged by the scheming Maximus (Iwan Rheon) who scuffles with Serinda Swan's Medusa and her badly CGI'd hair. A few more unimpressive fight scenes fill the teaser, as well as a Hawaiian man nearly running over Black Bolt (Anson Mount) as he's transported back to Earth in a scene that I think is supposed to be funny? The tone of this teaser is all over the place, and it's only a minute long.

The trailer is rife with spoilers for what looks like is the entire pilot episode, as it's clear that Maximus succeeds in his coup, declaring freedom in front of a cheering crowd of Inhumans. But here's the biggest spoiler of the teaser: Medusa's newly shaved head, with her magical hair and bad wig seemingly shorn from her head against her will.

Well, this solves two problems: the terrible CGI that Inhumans has been getting flack for in its past teasers, as well as that godawful wig that poor Swan had to don. But, it takes away a huge part of her identity early on, and it probably won't achieve the same amount of gravitas of comic book runs that have cut Medusa's hair, like in Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee's Inhumans miniseries.


It's clearly a choice that's less about story and more about budget constraints. But by making Medusa lose her hair and grapple with a loss of power early on in the series, Inhumans once again loses sight of why people flock to superhero stories: to see the fantastical. We don't want another superhero existential crisis, thanks.

Inhumans makes a two-week IMAX theatrical run starting September 1 and premieres on ABC on November 3.