'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Finale Images Tease A Major Meeting

It feels like HBO's Game of Thrones is just getting revved up again, but this year's shorter season of only seven episodes means that we're already only a few days away from the season finale, which airs this Sunday night. The premium network has released a batch of Game of Thrones season 7 finale images, so let's take a closer look and see what they might tell us about what to expect in the 80-minute episode, the longest of the series thus far.

Warning: spoilers for all of the previous episodes may be scattered throughout this piece, along with some speculation about the finale.

First, you may want to watch the quick teaser for the upcoming finale that aired after last week's divisive episode, "Beyond The Wall":

Now let's break down these new images.

GOT s7f7

First up is Theon Greyjoy, who we last saw having a tense reunion with Jon Snow on the banks of Dragonstone. He came hoping that Daenerys would help rescue his sister Yara (who was previously taken captive by their uncle Euron, after he presumably managed to find the only television in Westeros and watched a marathon of 1980s rock music videos), but Dany had already taken off to burn the Lannister army on the road from Highgarden.

The background of this image makes it seem as if Theon is still at Dragonstone, so this could be before the big meeting of the minds; maybe he asks Dany for her help and they plan a covert rescue mission to be employed while everyone's distracted during the meeting?

GOT s7f2

Jaime Lannister and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater are looking out over what appears to be...Highgarden? Maybe? It's tough to tell, but it definitely doesn't look like King's Landing. This is the strangest location in both that trailer and these images for me, because as we'll see in a second, we know Jaime makes it to King's Landing for the meeting. So does he go back to Highgarden afterward? And what have Grey Worm and Dany's armies been doing in the meantime?

GOT s7f3

It's hard to get a true read on Bronn's face just from a still image like this, but he looks concerned. Again, this is the most mysterious aspect of the finale to me, and I'm totally in the dark about when and how this conflict will go down.

GOT s7f4

The always-cunning Cersei Lannister stands with her hands strategically placed over her midsection – perhaps in a protective gesture, since she says she's pregnant now. (There are many theories out there about a possible fake pregnancy, but my take is that she's actually pregnant, but she'll lose the child before it's born because of the prophecy she heard during her childhood.)

GOT s7f5

And now we come to it: the highly-anticipated meeting in the abandoned dragonpit at King's Landing, in which Jon, Tyrion, and Dany will, using a captured wight, attempt to convince Cersei to pause the war and join them in their battle against the Night King's army. Right. Good luck with that, guys.

GOT s7f1

Jon doesn't look thrilled. Perhaps Cersei isn't interested in their argument.

GOT s7f6

Notice who isn't in these photos? The Breaker of Chains herself. Jon and Tyrion seem troubled, and maybe it's because they're having to explain why Dany's late to the party. It's almost a given that she rolls in on the back of Drogon, but let's hope she's learned a lesson from the death of Viserion and isn't falling into a trap laid by Cersei and Qyburn to take down another of her children.

GOT s7f8

Let's finish up with a quick trip to Winterfell, where Sansa Stark looks out over the icy walls of the castle. She's looking mighty contemplative here: could she possibly be thinking about how she and her sister are going to execute a certain someone?

GOT s7f9

Damn it, Bran! Speed up your Three-Eyed Raven practice already so you can actually be useful to your family! The finale episode is entitled "The Wolf and the Dragon," and while our minds naturally go to Jon and Dany there, I've seen some speculation that that could be referring to Jon himself, the offspring of both wolf (Lyanna Stark) and dragon (Rhaegar Targaryen). Maybe this will be the episode where Jon finally learns the truth behind his lineage.