Cool Stuff: 'Jurassic Park' T-Rex Comes To Life As A Huge Chronicle Collectibles Statue

We have a T-Rex!

In fact, you can have a T-Rex from Jurassic Park as well if you happen to have a stack of cash lying around to spend on a fifth scale statue of the dinosaur from Steven Spielberg's modern classic.

Chronicle Collectibles is releasing the latest in their line of Jurassic Park statues for pre-order today, and it's a gigantic statue of the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the original movie. This was one of the many items on display at San Diego Comic-Con in July, and now you can pre-order it today. Get a closer look at the Jurassic Park T-Rex statue below.

Here are some official images of the Jurassic Park T-Rex statue from Chronicle Collectibles:

Jurassic Park T-Rex Statue

When this dinosaur ships to your house, it will be in a container that measures 8'x4'x4', and yes that's 8 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. On top of that, when the item is crated, it weights about 150 pounds in total. This will be a huge package, so be prepared for that if you're ready to spend $4,499.00 for the cost of the statue and shipping combined. If you happen to live in Texas, you can arrange to save nearly $500 by picking it up in person and only paying $4,000 total. There's even the option of setting up a payment plan so you don't have to drop that all in one lump sum.

However, if you want this Jurassic Park T-Rex statue, you'll have to act fast. There will only be 100 available to buy when the pre-order goes live today, August 25 at 12pm Central time. You can order it at the Chronicle Collectibles website right here, where they have a bunch of other cool stuff to buy.