You Can Watch 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' At The Devil's Tower In Wyoming

Fresh off what was dubbed an unforgettable event in honor of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the Alamo Drafthouse has yet another incredible screening experience planned, this time for a sci-fi classic that's turning 40 this year.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and while we already know Steven Spielberg's film is returning to theaters in September for the milestone anniversary, we had no idea Alamo Drafthouse was going to do something like this again to celebrate their own 20th anniversary.

Partnering with SyFy for their 25th anniversary this year, Alamo Drafthouse has planned a 40th anniversary screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the base of Devil's Tower, the same natural, national monument that is an important piece of the film's story. A similar event was planned as part of Alamo's Rolling Roadshow many years ago, but this sounds even more epic. Find out more about the Close Encounters of the Third Kind 40th anniversary event below.

Not only will there be a screening of the movie on September 2nd in Wyoming (buy tickets here while they last), but attendees can camp out overnight, enjoy tons of mashed potatoes (to eat or sculpt), roast some marshmallows and share stories of their own close encounters with aliens. Here's the official press release with more details from the Alamo Drafthouse blog:

SYFY and Alamo Drafthouse are partnering to present the SYFY25 Screening Series, a fun-filled retrospective of genre classics to celebrate the network's upcoming 25th anniversary.

First up, it's an incredible CLOSE ENCOUNTER...

It's been four decades since Steven Spielberg first wowed the world with the modern marvel of filmmaking that is CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. This September, pack up your wood paneled station wagon and join us for a 40th anniversary celebration of the film at a location that means something, a location that's important: Wyoming's own Devil's Tower.

Heed the call, all you Roy Nearys out there.

On Labor Day weekend, we're proud to present CLOSE ENCOUNTERS at the base of the actual Devil's Tower, the iconic rock formation central to the film. Seeing Spielberg's sci-fi stunner on the big screen is a breathtaking encounter all its own, but watching the film at the base of the real landmark out in the rugged beauty of Wyoming? Well, that's an experience almost as mind-blowing as actually making extraterrestrial contact.

First staged in 2005 as part of our inaugural Rolling Roadshow tour, we've been itching to do an encore of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS at Devil's Tower due to fan demand.

Speaking of, at the site, we'll have tons of the smashed spuds on hand for some epic sculpting sessions, drones buzzing us overhead like alien spacecraft, and for all we know there could be an actual alien visit while we're there.

Pitch a tent at the nearby KOA and stay the night out under the stars with us. We'll even be hosting an old fashioned campfire gathering there after the movie where everyone can toast marshmallows, sing songs, and share their inspiring and/or terrifying stories of alien encounters.

Needless to say, this night's truly going to be out of this world. Grab your ticket and come watch this classic — and the skies — with us.

If you're unable to make it over to Wyoming for this incredible event, don't forget that you can catch Close Encounters of the Third Kind in theaters again for a one-week engagement starting on September 1, 2017.