Hear Pennywise Speak In New 'It' TV Spot

The titular It in It has been somewhat absent from the teasers and trailers leading up to the movie's September release — or at least his voice has.

While the creepy clown is a striking figure in the background of the Losers' Club's misadventures, (until he suddenly becomes a horrifying menace that attacks them), he has remained fairly silent. But the newest TV spot for Stephen King's It has Pennywise the Dancing Clown speaking his longest line of dialogue yet. And it's as eerie as you'd expect.

The TV spot, released on Warner Bros.' Spanish-language YouTube channel, shows Jack Dylan Grazer's Eddie encountering Pennywise outside an abandoned house, and being scared senseless by the appearance of the clown amidst a collection of red balloons.

"Where you going?" Pennywise calls to Eddie in a hoarse, throaty whisper. "You look like a nice boy, I bet you have a lot of friends."

"I bet you have a lot of friends," Pennywise repeats over and over.

Flashes of the Losers' Club fleeing in terror from the shape-shifting menace and fighting its clown form flash between shots of Pennywise, which gets closer and closer until we see his face appear from behind a large red balloon. He smiles menacingly, and the teaser ends.

Actor Bill Skarsgard is using a noticeably different voice than the one we heard in the second It trailer, in which Pennywise gave a thin-voiced, slurred hiss to Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott), handing back his paper boat with, "Here. Take ittt."

In /Film Editor Jacob Hall's set visit to It, he was told by Skarsgard and director Andrés Muschietti that the actor played around with various voices, with Pennywise adapting to different situations and fears:

"It's a different approach, but he's not sticking to one voice. He has different personas. Because it's a character that is based also on unpredictability, so he has this stagey persona, the more clowny appearance, but then in certain scenes when he turns into this other, which is harder to grasp, and that's the 'other,' you know, the 'It.' And he has a different tone, he has a deeper voice, and a different feel to it."

It's a much more sinister approach to the character than Tim Curry's depiction in the 1990 miniseries, which gave a more theatrical and Joker-esque twist to Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

It arrives in theaters September 8, 2017.