Lupita Nyong'o Shares Video Of Her Undercover Comic-Con Antics

This past Saturday, 6,500 fans saw actress Lupita Nyong'o take the stage during Marvel Studios' panel to promote the upcoming superhero film Black Panther. But it turns out way more people than that saw her in San Diego, but they just didn't know it: the Oscar-winning star has shared a video that shows how she suited up in a Pink Ranger costume, danced her way through the convention center, and took photos with unsuspecting fans. If you want to see what pure joy looks like, look no further than this Lupita Nyong'o Comic-Con video.

The actress shared the following video on Twitter this morning:

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress came face to face with Game of Thrones busts, crawled around the floor like Spider-Man, got adorably excited about seeing a Maz Kanata figure, danced in front of The Last Jedi display, somersaulted around, nerded out about a Thor: Ragnarok presentation with a gaggle of fans, strutted across the San Diego railway tracks, and even spun around a light post for good measure.

Celebrities going undercover at San Diego Comic-Con is nothing new. It's a massive convention with tens of thousands of die-hard fans, and as much as those fans would probably just love to chat with the stars of their favorite properties, it's clearly dangerous to have that many people around with no form of protection. Stars are often driven around in cars with tinted windows and whisked around through a series of hidden tunnels to get into the cavernous Hall H, but if they wear a disguise and blend in, that same swarm of people can be used to their advantage if they want to explore the convention a little more freely.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston once wore a Walter White mask around the show floor, Doctor Who's Matt Smith donned a Bart Simpson mask to walk the floor incognito, Justin Timberlake dressed up as a Sesame Street character, Hugh Jackman claimed to walk the floor dressed as Wolverine and go unnoticed, and Michael Cera just randomly wore a gorilla mask one year to disguise his identity. But we've rarely seen it done with the level of panache, enthusiasm, and zest as what's showcased in this video. One thing's for sure: Lupita Nyong'o clearly had more fun at Comic-Con than anyone else this year.