'The Flash' Movie Is Titled 'Flashpoint' [Comic-Con 2017]

We still have a few movies to see before Ezra Miller's the Flash gets his own solo adventure, but at least we know what it will be called. The films' title was revealed at the Warner Bros. panel at San Diego today, and it should ring familiar to comic book fans.

During a montage that opened the DC comic book movie portion of the panel, a packed Hall H saw he logo for the film: Flashpoint (which appeared to be two words in the temp logo: Flash Point).

If you've been a regular comic book reader over the last couple of years, that title should ring a bell. Flashpoint was the title of a major D.C. crossover event from 2011. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, the core series followed the Flash as he's transported to an alternate version of the DC universe, where Bruce Wayne's father became Batman and Superman is held in government captivity. The world shaking events of the series led to the "New 52" relaunch, which saw the entire comics line overhauled.

Does this mean Flashpoint will adapt this series? Possibly, although if it is two words, the slightly tweaked title could imply that this is a new story. Still, it's fun to imagine a Flash movie where the Scarlet Speedster goes on a tour of an alternate universe where all of his usual allies are unreliable or even dangerous. Previously we had heard that The Flash movie was actually a team-up time travel film involving The Flash and Cyborg, but maybe those plans have also changed?

Flashpoint is currently scheduled for a 2020 release date.