Cool Stuff: James Cameron Is Getting His Own 'Aliens' Action Figure

When it comes to action figures inspired by fan favorite movies of the 1980s, the toy manufacturer NECA has been knocking it out of the park. They especially deserve praise for their spectacular line of toys based on both Ridley Scott's original 1979 sci-fi horror classic Alien, and their more recent ongoing line of figures inspired by James Cameron's more blockbuster style follow-up Aliens. But now they're bringing a figure to shelves that no one expected.

Aliens director James Cameron will be getting his own action figure from NECA this fall, but it's not quite as cool as I hoped it would be. You'll see what I mean when you check out the photos of the James Cameron action figure below.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the James Cameron action figure, and here are the first photos:

As you can see, James Cameron isn't in his casual filmmaker clothing that fans may be used to seeing him in. Instead, James Cameron is decked out as a Colonial Marine, like most of the characters from Aliens. His figure comes equipped with some of the signature weapons from the movie, including a pistol, pulse rifle and a tracking device. But he also comes with some movie director accessories like a viewfinder lens and a clapboard.

As much as I like the prospect of having a James Cameron action figure, I find it more than weird that he's dressed up as a Colonial Marine. I would much rather have a James Cameron action figure where he's just dressed in his normal clothes. Though the design gets some redemption by including some nice aesthetic touches such as a Canadian flag shoulder patch, a patch referencing the planet Pandora from Avatar, and the logo of his production company Lightstorm.

The James Cameron action figure, which is the first time the filmmaker has allowed his likeness to be used for a toy, will be available in November as a Toys R Us exclusive. You can pick him up and toss him on a shelf next to the action figure of Paul Reiser in Aliens, which is seriously a real thing.