'The Incredibles 2' Story Details, Returning Cast, Footage Reaction And More! [D23 Expo 2017]

Following a show-stopping presentation for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter took the stage at the Disney Animation D23 Expo to introduce one of the most anticipated movies on the company's slate: The Incredibles 2. We were told some story details, learned which cast members are returning, and watched an early clip from the film itself. Here's everyone you need to know.

But first, the presentation got started by pausing to focus on one of the original film's most popular characters: the superhero costume designer Edna Mode, voiced by writer/director Brad Bird. Cue a live-action mockumentary short about the career of the legendary designer, complete with plenty of cameos from the fashion world. You can watch that right now in the embed below.

Brad Bird took the stage next and joked that Edna will now appear as a disillusioned middle-aged man. However, Bird quickly jumped past the self-deprecating humor and said that the sequel, like the first movie, is about family...a family that just happens to have super powers.

We then saw 3D spin-arounds of the Parr family and they looked very much like the characters we know and love from the 2004 original, just updated with modern animation. Bird noted that they were able to do things now that they wish they could have done with the first movie. He compared the subtle changes and improved animation to having a newer, better car. We watched animation tests of Helen Parr/Elastigirl and baby Jack Jack walking and both looked more fluid than anything seen in the first movie.

Bird also noted that the first movie ended without the family knowing that Jack Jack has powers, and they're planning to have fun with that (as we soon saw in a clip described below). He also reminded the crowd that the Parr family house was destroyed at the end of the first movie, so they get a new house: one part home, one part superhero lair. It's a midcentury modern design, complete with all kinds of sharp corners.

As for the story, Bird remained tight-lipped. He said we'll meet some superheroes who rival the Incredibles themselves and some...not so much. However, Elastigirl will take center stage this time, as Bob has to stay home for reasons that were not specified. But having a stay-at-home father and a superhero mother who is out seeing action is a nice twist.

At this point, the cast was brought on stage – the first time they have all been together in one place. Craig T. Nelson is back as Bob/Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Helen/Elastigirl, Sarah Vowell as Violet, and Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone. The young actor Huck Milner is stepping in to voice Dash (since the previous actor is too old now) and Jackson had one piece of advice for him: "Never read the comments."

We then watched a work-in-progress clip from the film. The scene finds Bob asleep in their house, but baby Jack Jack notices something outside: a raccoon. Jack Jack accidentally teleports through the wall and the raccoon runs at him, forcing Jack to use his powers. His body is engulfed in flame, Human Torch-style, and he fires lasers from his eyes. First, the raccoon is terrified and tries hiding, but it soon seizes its opportunity and leaps on Jack Jack...whose skin expands like elastic. Bob wakes up and rushes outside to save his son, but the baby multiplies himself into several forms, finally scaring the raccoon away. Bob speaks: "Oh, my. You have powers!"

The clip was cute and very reminiscent of the Jack Jack Attack short film from back when the first movie arrived.

The Incredibles 2 is expected to hit theaters on June 15, 2018.  The film was originally scheduled for theatrical release on June 21, 2019, but was swapped with Toy Story 4, which was reportedly lagging in production.