'Boondocks Saints' Director Troy Duffy Will Make 'The Blood Spoon Council'

18 years after making his directorial debut, Troy Duffy only has two movies under his belt, and they're both Boondock Saints movies. In the eight years since the last sequel, Boondock Saints: All Saints Day, he's worked on a few projects, including another Saints sequel and a TV series based on his cult '90s movie. His next project, though, has nothing to do with his series. The director's next feature, The Blood Spoon Council, is about a vigilante group hunting down serial killers.

Below, learn more about the new Troy Duffy project.

As you'd expect, the Blood Spoon Council is the name of the vigilante group. They hunt and kill serial killers and are led by a mastermind profiler. The F.B.I. hires a profiler of their own to join the group and investigate. A game of cat and mouse ensues.

In a statement, Duffy said he wants to make an "action-packed psychological thriller":

I want to create an action packed psychological thriller with Blood Spoon and I have held nothing back. All the killers and their crimes are inspired by actual serial cases. The mastermind of the Council is a one-of-a-kind character that will take a one-of-a-kind talent to portray him. The Blood Spoon Council may be dark but it is darkly beautiful, darkly exciting and it satisfies that devilish curiosity many of us have about serial killers and the uniquely gifted individuals who pursue them.

Producer Scott Clayton's Oceanside Media is financing Duffy's next film. Clayton believes Duffy will make "make an impactful resurgence in the industry":

Troy has built an incredibly strong and loyal fan base following The Boondock Saints. Fans of his cult classic, both old and new, are in for a special treat with his latest film project, The Blood Spoon Council. He brings back the same raw, unforgiving action tangled with the kinetic storytelling that audiences know and love to his new film. With his extraordinary cinematic vision, Troy is poised to make an impactful resurgence in the industry.

Duffy was expected to make a splash with his directorial debut, as documented in the candid and entertaining doc, Overnight. After making a big deal with producer Harvey Weinstein, his debut ultimately underperformed in theaters and didn't get much love from critics, only for the movie to develop a cult following on home video. Duffy's The Boondocks Saints sequel was probably more or less what the first movie's fans and critics expected. In the eight years since it came out, Duffy has worked on The Boondock Saints: Origins, a feature called Rock 'Em Sock 'Em, and a script he co-wrote with Cedric the Entertainer.