'Warcraft 2': What Duncan Jones' Movie Sequel Would Have Been About

Despite being the most successful video game movie of all time, it doesn't seem like Duncan Jones' film adaptation of the mega-popular game Warcraft is going to be getting a sequel – even though one was briefly teased by the movie's official Chinese social media account last year. There's still a tiny sliver of possibility, but in case Jones never gets the opportunity to tell his follow-up story, he told a group of fans last night about his plans for what his version of Warcraft 2 would have been about.

FlickeringMyth reports that last night, Jones and Warcraft producer appeared at a special screening of the movie at Prince Charles Square in London, and Jones spoke to the crowd about his vision for Warcraft 2 and also how the story would be rounded out in a third movie:

"This first film is about establishing the world, and showing Durotan helping his son escape a dying planet. So to me the idea over the course of three films would be for Thrall to fulfill that vision of Durotan to create a new homeland for the Orcs. So in [the sequel] it would be the adolescent years of that baby, and anyone who does know their Warcraft stories would know it's very much a Spartacus story that goes on with that character. I would basically follow that through. And with the human side of it, which is a little less clear of how that would follow, but basically there is an aftermath to this film which would need to be completed. And on the Orc side you're very much following that baby, Go'el, known as Thrall in the universe, and how he eventually creates the Orc homeland.

My fascination with trying to do Warcraft in three films and the idea of family is, I love the idea of Durotan has sacrificed himself so his son and the people he cares about can survive – I want to see that sacrifice pay off. That's the trilogy. That's the heart of the story. The rest of it is mumbo jumbo names and shit (laughs). Good shit, because Chris Metzen is a wonderful writer, but the heart of the story is someone's sacrifice because they thought it was worth sacrificing for, and it was a good person who has a good kid and I want that good kid to pay off."

Warcraft was a financial disappointment in the United States, earning only $47 million here on a reported budget of $160 million. But the film racked up an additional $386 million overseas, which, even when you factor in the advertising costs, seems like it surely turned a profit. While that may sound like it meets the necessary requirements for a sequel, Jones still isn't convinced, saying, "there's no reason for me to believe there's any likelihood of it happening" aside from sheer stubbornness on his part. One assumes that he'd be involved if conversations are happening about a follow-up, so unless something changes, it looks like this franchise will end up as a one and done.