Hard-To-Spot 'Cars 3' Easter Eggs Revealed By Director Brian Fee

There are many things we love about Pixar movies. We love their emotional beats, their characters, the worlds they create, and the way they make us reevaluate our world and lives.

But I also love searching for those Easter eggs. When talking with director Brian Fee about the studio's latest film, I was able to get him to reveal some of the more obscure Cars 3 easter eggs you should look out for.

Cinderella's chariotPeter Sciretta: I think I checked off all the regular ones on the checklist. A113, check. Pizza Planet truck, check.  I'm wondering could you share with us some like more obscure Easter Eggs we could look for?Brian Fee: Sure.  I'll tell you my favorite Easter Egg.  Look for Cinderella's chariot.  Did you see that one?Peter: No.Fee: Cinderella's chariot in Sterling's office.  He's got this back wall.  He's got a bunch of trophies.  And what I love about it is it's...technically it's a Batmobile.  It's so...it's like, of course, in some weird way, it like fits for some reason.  I know it's one of my favorites.  And it's not like as director I don't call out these.  I don't say "Hey, can you put this here and put this there."  Obviously, the Coco ones... We did we orchestrated those.  And a lot of the other ones.coco teaser posterPeter: Was there more than one Coco?Fee: Yes, there is.  There's more than one.Peter: So I saw the one on the TV in the training center, I think that was a bit obvious. But what else did I miss?Brian: Okay, well look for when Sweet Tea, which the audience may not know, but the girl singing, the waitress, Sweet Tea, is on stage with her band you might find a very particularly famous guitar in Coco in the set.Peter: Ah... very cool.