Bad News, Everyone: 'Futurama' Is Leaving Netflix In July

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Fans of Futurama who have enjoyed watching the animated series over the years on Netflix will be disappointed to hear that the show is leaving the streaming service next month. When June is over, nearly all of Futurama will be removed from Netflix's library.

Here's why Futurama is leaving Netflix next month.

All episodes of Futurama before season six, including the episodes that combine to form movies, will be removed from Netflix on July 1. The revelation came from a Reddit user (via Uproxx) who was greeted with a warning when watching an earlier episode of Futurama saying "This season is available until July 1st." That means all of the episodes from before the show came to Comedy Central will be removed, which fans will agree are infinitely better than the later episodes.

Understandably, many fans are upset, throwing some serious shade at Netflix. However, it doesn't appear to be Netflix's fault. The Reddit user who made this discovery contacted Netflix and learned that FOX pulled the license for Futurama, choosing not to allow Netflix to keep the series on the streaming service. But that doesn't mean you have to stand for it.

Netflix gave the user in question a link for "title requests" that allows fans to voice their desire to keep Futurama in the library. Furthermore, a petition has been also been created on However, that petition is addressed to Netflix, seemingly misunderstanding that it's not a choice made by the streaming service, but the previous distributor, FOX.

Futurama is just the latest casualty of FOX programming to be removed from Netflix. The X-Files, House M.D., Ally McBeal, Firefly, a lot of American Dad and Bob's Burgers are all being taken away from the streaming service. We're not sure if that's because FOX intends on giving the rights to another streaming service or not. There's always a chance they'll add them to their own streaming service, not unlike the entirety of The Simpsons being available through the FX Now app.

This is just another reason that people shouldn't be so quick to abandon physical media. If you're trusting shows from networks to be easily available through the most popular streaming services, clearly that won't always be the case. That's why the shows I love always end up on my shelf, or at the very least in my digital library.

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