Superhero Bits: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 On Vinyl And Cassette, Gal Gadot Thanks Fans & More

When does the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack hit cassette and vinyl? Which is the latest country to ban screenings of Wonder Woman due to Gal Gadot's Israeli nationality? Which two DC Extended Universe movies are likely to get the greenlight next? What did Marvel Cinematic Universe stars have to say about Wonder Woman's success? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

The Hacksmith explains how electromagnets work in their real, working Captain America shield prototype.

Plenty of stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrated the success of Wonder Woman after its opening.

Some new Spider-Man: Homecoming concept art shows off the various expressions Spidey can have with his eyes.

Batman comic writer Tom King talked to USA Today about The Dark Knight's big moment in this week's issue.

Gotham may have finished its third season, but the fourth season is already being teased by FOX with a new promo.Wonder Woman now has the fourth best box office gross for a Monday and second best for a Tuesday in June.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack hits cassette on June 20 and deluxe edition vinyl on August 8.

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland says that he would like to direct a movie, but not a horror movie.

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Yondu as Mary PoppinsBoss Logic took the Mary Poppins Returns EW cover and Photoshopped Yondu's face onto Emily Blunt's body

Tunisia is the latest film to suspend the showing of Wonder Woman due to Gal Gadot's Israeli nationality.

Another piece of Disney Channel's special on Spider-Man: Homecoming looks at Peter's love interest Liz Allan.

The second season of Luke Cage started production this week in New York City, so keep an eye out for production.

Hi Everyone! I've been doing some Super Ruminations because this month is the 79th anniversary of Superman in Action Comics and thought it fitting to pass on this little fact. Who knew eh?? In January 1933, Jerry Siegel wrote a short story titled "The Reign of the Superman", which was illustrated by his friend Joe Shuster and self-published in a science fiction magazine. It told the story of a bald villain with telepathic powers. Trying to create a character they could sell to newspaper syndicates,Siegel re-conceived the "superman" character as a powerful hero, sent to our world from a more advanced society. He and Shuster developed the idea into a comic strip, which they pitched unsuccessfully. National Publications was looking for a hit to accompany their success with Detective Comics, and did not have time to solicit new material. Because of the tight deadline, editor Vin Sullivan was forced to make it out of inventory and stockpile pages. Sullivan asked former coworker Sheldon Mayer if he could help. Mayer found the rejected Superman comic strips, and Sullivan told Siegel and Shuster that if they could paste them into 13 comic book pages, he would buy them. #SuperRuminations #Superman #ActionComics

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Henry Cavill celebrated the 79th anniversary of Superman in a familiar suit, maybe for Justice League reshoots.

FOX's The Gifted, DC's Titans and Freeform & Marvel's New Warriors will all be shooting in Atlanta this year.

Gal Gadot took to her Facebook page to thank fans for all their support for Wonder Woman's opening weekend.Justice League Dark and Batgirl may be the next two films in the DC Extended Universe to get the greenlight.

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Daredevil Q-Fig FigureYou can pre-order Quantum Mechanix's Q-Fig of Daredevil inspired by his look on Marvel's TV series on Netflix.Wonder Woman Shop

There's an official Wonder Woman shop website that's full of all sorts of merchandise for Diana of Themyscira.

Superior Iron Man Statue

Marvel Gallery Iron Man PVC statue is a 2017 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive available from Entertainment Earth.

Wonder Woman Tanktop

This Wonder Woman tanktop at Hot Topic makes it look like you're conealing the godkiller sword from Themyscira

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