'Logan' VFX Breakdown Reveals How Wolverine's Bloody Claws Were Created Digitally

Since Hugh Jackman doesn't actually have claws that extend from and retract back into his hand, usually the creation of Wolverine's signature adamantium claws in the X-Men franchise comes from the prop department. However, for the instances when Wolverine has to jam his claws into somebody, visual effects must be employed to make it look like the mutant has actually stabbed someone rather than just playing pretend.

In the case of Logan, the visual effects process of creating Wolverine's claws delivering damage to bad guys was more complicated because the movie's R-rating allowed for much more gruesome, bloody kills from his signature weapons. For those curious how they pulled it off, a Logan VFX breakdown from the visual effects company Rising Sun Pictures reveals the details layers that went into creating Wolverine's claws and a few more seamless details.

Watch the Logan VFX breakdown video after the jump.

Rising Sun Pictures says they contributed about 230 shots to Logan, ranging from the extensive work with Wolverine's claws that is so prominently featured above to the more subtle and seamless addition of environmental modifications, such as digital matte paintings of the sky and mountains in Mexico, Texas and more.

It's always impressive to see just how much of a given sequence is created with digital effects. What's impressive about some of these sequences in Logan is how the visual effects do more than just add claws into the image, sometimes recreating not just Wolverine's arm, but also the body parts that his claws go into, followed by the blood splatters and drips that