Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout Easter Eggs

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout opened last week at Disneyland Resort's Disney California Adventure. And as you probably know at this point, Taneleer Tivan (aka The Collector) has a lot of cool things in his collection, which means the attraction queue is filled with easter eggs and references to Marvel movies, comics, television shows and even Disney theme park attractions and characters.

Here is a round-up of all the cool Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout easter eggs and references that we've noticed thus far. This includes over 80 items – so get comfortable.

mission breakout concept art

About The Easter Eggs

Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rhode has said the following about the easter eggs included in Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout:

There are multiple layers of easter eggs: There are easter eggs about stories you know, there are easter eggs about things that will soon happen, and there are easter eggs about future developments that no one knows yet. There are also clues and things from completely other universes. The Collector collects. He collects things that belong to the Disney company, he collects things that belong to me. There are all kinds of stuff in that collection.

We've been told that Tivan's collection consists of more than 2,200 rare artifacts from around the galaxy, but that doesn't necessarily mean there are 2,200 easter eggs. A large amount of the artifacts seem to appear in Tivan's office, and a lot of these items don't seem to have Marvel or Disney connections. That said, it's also worth noting that the two versions of Tivan's office feature slightly different items, so if you're hunting for easter eggs, you may want to explore both versions of the office.

Disney has also revealed that some of the collection on display in the museum will rotate out over time, which I assume means they could add new props from future Marvel films or TV shows and hint at further developments down the line. Some of the items are authentic movie props while others are recreations. I wonder if the Infinity Gauntlet will ever show up here?

Iron Man Experience

The Marvel Theme Park Universe

Marvel Themed Entertainment Creative Director Brian Crosby appeared at a "Making of Mission Breakout" panel during the premiere event the opened the ride, and made the following statement:

There are nods in this attraction to other things we are doing around the world. In true Marvel fashion, hashtag it's all connected, there are nods to the Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong, there are nods to the Marvel Superhero Academy on the Disney Cruise Ship. It's all connected guys. So we encourage you to be good fans and go on the interwebs and find all the clues and connect it all. That's the fun, it's all part of the same universe. And we're just getting started.

Remember, even though Mission: Breakout has many similarities to the MCU, and hints at the future of the MCU, it supposedly takes place in a different universe. Guardians series director James Gunn has explained that it is the start of the Marvel Theme Park Universe (MTPU). And it seems like all of the themed attractions at Disney Parks and Experiences will be connected in some way.

 warlock's eye in mission breakout

Warlock's Eye

Seen as part of the collection is Warlock's Eye, an artifact that first appeared in Marvel comics in Thor #131 published August 1966. The Warlock's Eye is a mystical weapon with the ability to cast powerful mind-controlling enchantments that very few can resist. It was used unsuccessfully by Harokin against Odin, Thor, and the Warriors Three during an invasion against Asgard. The Warlock's Eye did appear briefly on film in the MCU, alongside many artifacts seen within Odin's Vault in Thor. This looks to be that exact movie prop or a perfect replication.

The identification plaque says that the Warlock's Eye "is a powerful weapon that allowed those who control it to command an almost hypnotic form of mind control over their victims."

X-S Tech invoice in the collector's office

X-S Tech Invoice

On The Collector's desk, you can see this invoice from X-S Tech: Research and Development, a fictional alien corporation from the defunct Magic Kingdom attraction The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Here's some background for those of you who never experienced this attraction:

The Hostess in the introductory video states the company grew from a small manufacturing plant on an alien world into the number one provider of various technologies including teleportation. The company has been criticized for investing interest in Earth solely for profit and for putting "sales before science", but chairman Clench assures it's the company's "responsibility" to help less advanced cultutres improve their technology and that "profit is merely a byproduct." In the attraction, which takes place at the fictional Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center, X-S is demonstrating its latest endeavor in teleportation technology. Unfortunately, when the company's chairman, L. C. Clench, decides to have himself teleported into the test chamber, the teleportation signal is disrupted, and a malevolent alien creature is teleported into the chamber instead. The alien then escapes into the audience, wreaking havoc. Afterwards, the technicians operating the demonstration manage to get the creature in the tube and teleport it back to where it came from.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is a huge Disney Parks fan and noticed this detail when Imagineering was first showing him the ride.

Atlantian Artifacts

Atlantian Artifacts

On display in The Collector's museum are two pieces labeled as "Mysterious Artifacts," described as being found "at the bottom of a Terran ocean. Very little is known of the civilization that created them." This is a blatant tease to the lost underwater civilization of Atlantis and Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

Also of note are the symbols on these artifacts, which seem to share a likeness to the Kree symbols written by Agent Coulson during the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after he had been given a dosage of Kree blood. Could the blue-skinned Atlantians be descendants of the Kree in the MCU?

Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde said the circular artifact was inspired by the Antikythera mechanism and "a very brief image in another film." He also noted that "It has not been activated yet." Joe is likely referencing the screenshot above of Star-Lord in The Collector's fortress.

harold the yeti in mission breakout

The Matterhorn Yeti

Harold the Yeti, from the older version of the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride at Disneyland, makes an appearance in the scaffolding in the boiler room.

Letter From Jeutar Morat

Letter From Jeutar Morat

On top of the X-S invoice is a letter to Tivan from Jeutar Morat, a bounty hunter who appeared in the comic book Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up #4 (2015), trying to collect the bounty on Gamora. The letter seems to be about a mysterious stranger, an Elder of the Universe that the bounty hunter is tracking as he heads to Terra. Here is what it says:

My Dear Jeutar Morat,

What have you learned about the movement of this stranger I've heard about? You said he was headed for Terra. Why would he be going there?

If you can track him for me and discover his purpose, I will reward you more than adequately. I must find out what it is on Terra that interests him so, as it very likely it would interest me.

Tanaleer Tivan

Could this be a hint about a future MCU storyline? Is it possible that this is about the cosmic being known as The Stranger? Maybe its a hint that The Stranger may play a role in the Avengers: Infinity War movie.

Sakaaran Head

Sakaaran Head

Also in the office is this Sakaaran head. The Sakaarans are a client race to the Kree, as established in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film and Thor: Ragnarok takes place on their home planet of Sakaar.

cosmo in mission breakout


Also as part of the collection is Cosmo, the space dog who was last seen in The Collector's possession in Guardians of the Galaxy. The animatronic recreation of Cosmo is incredibly detailed, alongside some of his dog toys (take notice the sad paw marks on the glass cage that imprisons him). The identification tag gives Cosmo's MCU backstory, noting that he was "a test animal in the Russian space program of the 1960's (Terran date)." and that "Cosmo's ship drifted off course through a wormhole that brought it to Knowhere," which is where we found him in Vol. 1.

Delores from Country Bear Vacation Hoedown

Delores the Octopus

Delores, the octopus from the former Country Bear Vacation Hoedown attraction at Disneyland, appears in the same rafters as Harold the Yeti. Delores appeared in the Country Bear Jamboree re-theme alongside her boyfriend, a tall bear with tan fur named Terrence who plays guitar.

loki's shackles

Loki's Shackles

Sitting on one of the many shelves in The Collector's office is a series of restraints like the ones worn by Tom Hiddleston's Loki in Thor: The Dark World.

epcot figment in mission breakout


Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow. Horns of a steer. Did anyone notice this loveable fellow?

Figment, the small purple dragon who is the mascot of the Imagination pavilion at Epcot and star of the attraction Journey Into Imagination, can be seen in one of the collection displays hanging from the ceiling in the gallery room. The presentation box has been frosted so you can only make out the silhouette and occasionally the lighting on the box turns a pinkish purple.

Figment is both a Disney and Marvel easter egg as Marvel Comics published a five-issue comic book miniseries called Disney Kingdoms: Figment in 2014 that focused on the origins of Figment and Dreamfinder.

Cocoon in mission breakout

Cocoon of Unknown Origin

Another artifact on display in the collection is a Cocoon of Unknown Origin. The identification tag notes that "the Collector does not wish to disturb the creature inside the cocoon; therefore, he leaves it in place in hopes it will one day emerge and reveal itself for all to see." The same cocoon appeared in the Collector's museum on Knowhere in Vol. 1, and many fans at the time thought it might be a reference to Adam Warlock – but that turned out not to be the case at all.

avengers hatch at disney california adventure

Mysterious Avengers Hatch

On the right side of The Collector's Fortress is a mysterious Avengers hatch of unknown origin. What does it mean? If I were to guess, I think it may be a hint of what is coming to Disney California Adventure. Disney has long hinted that Mission Breakout is the first of something bigger coming to DCA, and rumor has it Imagineering want to construct E-Ticket Hybrid Roller Coaster Dark Ride attraction (think what Universal Studios did with Harry Potter and Escape From Gringotts) based on The Avengers. Read more about the mysterious Avengers hatch here.


The Collector's Paintings

In the lobby of the Tivan Collection, you can find these two paintings, which were created by  Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding. The artist signed his work in the Celestial alphabet.  

One shows Tivan holding a mysterious golden pyramid-shaped artifact that I have been unable to identify in Marvel lore – perhaps it's related to Adam Warlock? Probably not, as the object features Tivan's logo.

The other painting shows Tivan playing a game with his brother The Grandmaster, a character who will appear in Thor: Ragnarok played by Jeff Goldblum, on The Grandmaster's home planet of Sakaar. It's also worth noting that a structure has been spotted over the shoulder of Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer that shares some similarities to the Collector's Fortress. Is it possible that Tivan's Collection will appear in the third Thor movie? Benicio Del Toro is not listed in the cast listing for Thor: Ragnarok, but neither is Christopher Fairbank, the actor who played his Broker in Guardians of the Galaxy. Before production began, I heard that Fairbank might have a part in Thor: Ragnarok. I'm not sure if that has changed or not, and have no idea what role he does/did have in the story.

Tower Of Terror References

Tower of Terror References

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout replaced the popular attraction Tower of Terror, and in true Disney fashion, references to the former attraction can be found throughout the queue:

  • Several of The Collector's books have Hollywood Tower Hotel bookmarks.
  • A Hollywood Tower Hotel hat (which used to be worn by castmembers who worked the attraction) can be found on one of the bottom shelves.
  • An old painting that used to appear in the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby can be seen partially uncovered in the background on the scaffolding in the boiler room area.

Broken Statue from Kamar-Taj

Broken Statue From Kamar-Taj

Among the tagged artifacts in the boiler room is a broken marble dragon statue from Kamar-Taj, the home and training grounds to the Masters of the Mystic Arts and Doctor Strange. I'm not quite sure if this appears in the movie or not. If you find it, leave a screenshot in the comments below!


Rocket's Xandarian Paint

The storytelling in and outside the attraction building is very cool and sometimes subtle. In the boiler room, we see an open can of red paint (note that the label says its Xandarian paint, which is a reference to the headquarters of the Nova Empire as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy). We see Rocket's paw prints walking away from this area and climbing up the room. Outside the building, we see a big hole which looks to have been created by an explosive, and red Rocket paw prints climbing down the exterior of The Collector's Fortress. The sign for the attraction advertises Tivian Collection's acqusition of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Notice that the word "Mission" has been removed from the "First time on display" subheader and Rocket has used the red paint to write "Breakout." Again we see his red paw prints walking away from the scene of the crime.

mission breakout HYDRA Helmet

HYDRA Helmet

A Hydra Helmet can be found on another one of the top shelves. The costume prop appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger.

the collectors assistant of the month

The Collector's Assistant

You can see a wall dedicated to The Collector's Assistant of the Month, which is just a series of the same photo of Tivan's assistant Corina from the first film. Corina was last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, where she blew up after attempting to grab an Infinity Stone.

Hiddie Minnie mission breakout

Hidden Minnie

A hidden Minnie Mouse figure can be found on one of the shelves in The Collector's office.

stan lee cameo in mission breakout

Stan Lee Cameo

Legendary Marvel writer Stan Lee makes a cameo during the queue video in the first room. As always, the Stan Lee cameo is pretty obvious to everyone. During the intro video, The Collector is talking about the artifacts in his collection, and his intergalactic computer shows some of them, panning over to Stan Lee who asks if anyone knows if they validate parking.

Brazier of Bom'Galiath

Brazier of Bom'Galiath

Doctor Strange picked up the Brazier of Bom'Galiath during the Battle at the Sanctum Sanctorum against Kaecilius, but didn't know how to use it.


Missing Creatures

The attraction ends with all of the creatures in Tivan's collection being freed. You can hear them escaping The Collector's Fortress as you exit through the gift shop. Over near the Captain America/Spider-Man meet-and-greet New York City corner, a couple of new posted flyers reference Cosmo the space dog and an alien monster who escapes from Tivan's Collection at the conclusion of the ride.

free artifacts in mission breakout

Kree Artifacts

On display are a bunch of Kree Artifacts, including a Kree Diviner or Obelisk, a Kree Orb, and Terrigen Crystals from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD television series.

Howard The Duck

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck doesn't appear in the attraction queue, but you can see him in the video in the Museum room as one of the items in Tivan's Collection. You can hear Howard escaping as you end your ride and even buy a stuffed animal version of him in the gift shop.


The Music and Sounds

While on the gantry lift, guests will experience one of six songs paired with two different show scenes and the usual ending. The songs featured in the attraction are: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar, "Give Up the Funk" by Parliament, "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf, "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5, "Free Ride" by The Edgar Winter Group, and "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley.

The music playing in the Lobby and Tivan's office was composed by Tyler Bates, composer of the music for the two Guardians of the Galaxy films.

When leaving the fortress, listen carefully and you will hear the sounds of some of the animals that have escaped Tivan's collection, including Howard The Duck. Tivan can also be heard over the intercom yelling about his artifacts on the loose. Songs from the Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 plays in the halls between the attraction exit and the gift shop, and The Collector can be heard asking who is playing this obnoxious music.

Some auditory easter eggs can be found in the garden, including famous speeches, such as a 1903 recitation of the Gettysburg Address, Voyager space shuttle launch, bird calls, other creature sounds from around the galaxy, and musical instrument sounds from a wide variety of civilizations. The Collector's assistant introduces each clip with its catalog number and a snippet.

ultron in mission breakout

Ultron Sentry

The Ultron Sentry in Tivian's collection features light up eyes that occasionally blink, and I've been told it will randomly activate, quoting lines from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The identification plaque says that "Ultron was a sentient artificial intelligence who tasked his army of sentries with destroying all humans on Terra in an attempt to 'protect' the planet."

golden apples of iDunn

Golden Apples of Idunn

The Golden Apples of Idunn grow only in Asgard on a tree in a garden on the east side of Hall of Valhalla, and can only be picked by the goddess Idunn. The apples grant the Asgardians their youth, vigor, and virtual immortality. In the comics, they were stolen by the Storm Giants and had to be retrieved from them by Thor and Loki. They have yet to appear in the MCU, but you can find a bowl of the golden apple on one of the shelves in The Collector's offices. My only photo of the artifact turned out too blurry to be usable here.

Rocket Raccoon's Laser Cannon

Rocket Raccoon's Laser Cannon

Hilariously, the plaque for the 89P13 Blaster reads "This blaster was taken from the Guardians of the Galaxy's pet rodent," referring to Rocket Raccoon.

Small World Doll

Small World Doll

There is a severed head of a It's A Small World doll on the collector's shelves.


The Gardens of the Galaxy

Walt Disney Imagineering jokingly refers to Tivan's Oasis as "The Gardens of the Galaxy." There are 525 new shrubs, including 25 varieties, which grow outside the Fortress as part of Tivan's Oasis. See if you can see all of the 30 trees, representing 13 varieties, that are growing in Tivan's Oasis, including Queensland Bottle, African Tulip and Song of India trees. There are 25 potted plants, representing 20 varieties, also growing in Tivan's Oasis. On display are numerous examples of rare and unusual plants, such as Cyphostema juttae (also known as Namibian grape), Dioscorea elephantipes (Elephant's Foot), and Tylycodon reticulatus (Sifkop or Sieve Head). Other things to notice in the gardens include gold garden gnomes.

Outside, the Fortress is a posting offering a one million units reward for the capture of Mantis, the newest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She will hopefully act as a getaway driver in this attraction's escape storyline.

And we should also mention the huge gold statue of the Collector in front of the entrance to the Tivan Collection. He is heroicly posed wearing a robe and holding his prized pet Orloni.

Nova Corps Uniform

Nova Corps Uniform

As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, the uniform is worn by Nova Corps, the intergalactic police force who "teamed with the Guardians of the Galaxy to save the universe from Ronan the Accuser."


Celestial Alphabet: How to Translate the Alien Language to English

There are 2 languages used throughout one's visit to the Tivan Collection: English and Celestial, which is native to the realm of Knowhere. It is possible to translate the Celestial language as some of the signs feature the same words in both languages. Eric Eisenberg did the hard work and translated most of the Celestial letters to Terran. For instance, there is a plaque outside of Tivan's office that is presented completely in the alien Celestial language, and here is the translation:

The Tivan Group is not responsible for guests accidentally consumed by any rare creature or beast, or for any guests who might inadvertently wander into an empty cage and find themselves inexplicably trapped. Although you are guaranteed a visit to see the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Tivan Group is not responsible if the Guardians are unresponsive or asleep. By reading this, you grant approval for the Tivan Group to own your biosigns and do with them as they wish forever and ever in perpetuity throughout this and any other galaxy both known and unknown. Enjoy your tour.

So if you're bored waiting in line, you can translate the signs and uncover some fun easter eggs.

Peter Quill's Walkman

Peter Quill's Walkman

When The Collector captured the Guardians of the Galaxy, he seized one of Peter Quill's prised possessions (his Sony Walkman) and put it in his office shelf to be catelogued. Rocket Racoon grabs the walkman before leaving the room, and uses it to play the six songs presented in the ride. No, it doesn't make sense that Quill still has his walkman at a point in time when Mantis has already joined the gang (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 spoilers!), but remember that this is set in an alternate Marvel theme park universe. That also explains why there are six more songs on the Awesome Mix that we've never heard before.


Overhead Vitrines

14 overhead vitrines hang in the Lobby, containing both familiar and mysterious artifacts. Walt Disney Imagineering created artifacts for most of these virines, and sent the images to Marvel creative to give names and planets of origin to all of the objects.  Some are from new planets not featured in the movies and comics, while others have an origin in a place featured in Marvel lore.

Warriors Three Weapons in Mission Breakout

Warriors Three Weapons

On one of the walls near the entrance to Tivan's office is the weapons of The Warriors Three, which is made up of the Asgardians Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg.

Hydra Gun

Hydra Gun

A Hydra Gun is on display in Tivan's office. I don't have a great photo of this, but you can see it in close-up with the Hydra logo.

Asgardian Gardening Gnome

Asgardian Gardening Gnome

One of the objects overhead was designed and handmade by Imagineering creative head Joe Rhode: a mummy that Marvel lovingly named "the gardening gnome from Asgaurd".

Crystal of Conquest in Mission Escape

Crystal of Conquest

The artifact first appeared in Marvel comics in Doctor Strange #175, published in December, 1968. The Sons of Satannish wielded the Crystal of Conquest, which could project beams of energy and teleport objects or powerful beings, such as the frost giant Ymir. It's possible this is an artifact from a future Marvel film, Infinity War or perhaps Thor: Ragnarok? Maybe it's how Hela sends Thor to Sakaar?

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak in mission breakout

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak were forged by blacksmiths in Babylon in the 900s BC. and were stored by the Masters of the Mystic Arts in the Sanctum Sanctorum along with the Cloak of Levitation, where they became part of Battle at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Doctor Strange. Stephen Strange used the bands to restrain his Kaecilius. They are now hanging high in Tivan's office.

Celestrials Masks in mission breakout

Celestrials Masks

In Tivan's Collection, we see a bunch of masks on the well that appear to represent some of the Celestials from the Marvel comics world. From left to right they represent Galactus, Gammenon the Gatherer, Nezarr, Hargen and Arishem the Judge. This is interesting because characters like Galactus are part of the Fantastic Four rights package, and the film rights are not owned by Marvel Studios/Disney. But Disney owns Marvel Comics and I guess this representation is legally outside of the film or television realm. The Celestials have MCU ties in the Guardians films, with the planet of Knowhere revealed to be a severed head of a deceased Celestial. And then there's Starlord's father, Ego.


Body Parts of The Galaxy

Downstairs in the former boiler room queue room, you can see a collection of body parts from all over the galaxy. I assume they are being kept organized to help feed some of the living specimens in the Tivan Collection. Here are the the bin labels: Jotunheim beast (awakened from his deep slumber by Laufey to kill Thor for intruding in his realm; another beast was disturbed by Thor and Malekith's battle through the portals of the Convergence and wound up in London in Thor: The Dark World), Terrans (Earth), Abilisk (the creature the Guardians fought at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), Orloni (the type of creature Peter Quill kicked in the opening scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy), and Chitauri (the alien invaders from The Avengers).

Stormbreaker in Mission Breakout


Also in the collection is an Asgardian war hammer that looks a lot like Stormbreaker, the weapon that belongs to Beta Ray Bill. In the comics, the alien who proved to be worthy of lifting Thor's hammer Mjolnir and was rewarded with his own hammer by Odin. The identification plaque says that the Asgardian War Hammer "originated in the dwarven forge of Nidavellir" and that "this finely crafted object is made of the powerful stone, Uru." As far as we know, Beta Ray Bill doesn't appear in Thor: Ragnarok.


Einherjar Uniform

A Royal Guard's Uniform from Asgard. The identification plaque says that "these elite warriors are tasked with protecting Asgard in times of need."


A Set of Mysterious Weapons

On the other wall right before Tivan's office is a set of weapons, some of which we have yet to see in the MCU. Could they be from Thor: Ragnarok's gladiator arena?


Dark Elf Artifacts

Another display case in the museum holds some Dark Elf Artifacts from Thor: The Dark World. This includes a dark elf dagger, a book describing the Dark Elves, and a mask.

Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun in mission breakout

SHIELD Prototype Gun

Also in The Collector's office is a gun used by SHIELD agent Phil Coulson to shoot Loki in The Avengers.

tom morrow in mission breakout

Tom Morrow

In both of the Collector's offices, you can see pieces of a former audio animatronic figure on the bottom shelf. This is the remnants of Tom Morrow, who appeared in a now-defunct Disney attraction called Flight to the Moon before the show became Mission to Mars. Years later, new robotic versions of Tom appeared at the Innoventions attraction at Disneyland and Epcot.

What Did We Miss?

Have any inside information? Did you find a hidden easter egg or reference while riding the attraction? Leave your intel in the comments below. We've also included a gallery of images for those of you who want to search from the comfort of home. The gallery consists of photos of the hanging cases and close-ups of all the objects in Tivan's office.

(Thanks to Jeff Morreale for a couple of these photos.)