The Cinelinx Card Game Is Now Available As A Mobile App

You might remember a few years ago we featured a Kickstarter for a card game made just for cinephiles. The game was called Cinelinx, and it had players match actors to the movies they've been in, other actors they've worked with, and directors of their movies. It was like a card game version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with any actor, actress, movie or filmmaker.

If you never picked up the card game, there's a much easier way to play, and you don't even need your friends in the same room. Cinelinx is now available as a mobile app though the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Get details on the Cinelinx app below.

Here are some screenshots of the game from the iTunes store, followed by the official description of the game:

What happens when you cross a movie trivia game with a card game and dominoes? You get Cinelinx – a new take on movie trivia games! Connect actors to movies they've been in, directors to movies they've directed, actors to actors they've worked with, and more. With Cinelinx, it's like every card is an answer and every card is a question!

Ready to prove you know more about movies than your friends do? Cinelinx is a movie connections game sure to please film and trivia fans of any level of skill or knowledge. It's like dominoes for movie buffs.

Earn points by connecting cards with movies, actors, genres, directors, and more from your hand to cards on the board. When a valid connection is made then the connections counter at the top of the screen counts down. The player with the most points when the counter gets to zero wins!

Create an account to track stats, earn achievements, get badges and unlockables, and much more. Want to add more cards to your deck? Customize the game with expansion decks that suit your taste in movies.

Choose a single player game or challenge your friends or movie buffs from around the world to really test your movie knowledge. This is the movie game that film fans have been waiting for!

So how do cards connect? Connect movies to genres, actors to actors, directors to movies, and more.

Do you have an actor card in your hand and you see a movie they've been in on the board? That's a valid first degree connection!

Do you have an actor card in your hand and you see another actor on the board that they have been in a movie with? That's a second degree connection!

Do you have a movie card in your hand and you see another movie on the board with the same leading actor? That's a second degree connection!

If you get stuck, just open the actions reel to use the Swap, Wild Card, or Assist features.

Visit the help section within the app or at for complete rules and instructions.

The Cinelinx app is a fun way to pass the time for all you cinephiles out there who would rather be at home watching movies instead of at work crunching numbers or whatever your job may be. Get it at the iTunes store or Google Play right now.