'Logan' Honest Trailer: Rated R For The Realization That We All Get Old And Die

This week brought to home video Hugh Jackman's ninth and final round as the mutant Wolverine in the form of Logan. In what many have already regarded one of the best comic book movies of all time, director James Mangold subverts almost all the expectations fans have from an X-Men movie, including the assumption that another Wolverine spin-off will be just as mediocre as the previous two solo outings for the character.

Of course, Screen Junkies couldn't help but take some shots at Logan in their latest Honest Trailer, which is also their 200th episode. Even if the movie was a little more difficult to make fun of because of how great it is, they still have some good jokes, mostly about sad, aging Logan, the surprisingly expert created documentary about all the mutant children being experimented on, and how the rest of the X-Men movies now pale in comparison. Oh, and they bring in Deadpool (the real Ryan Reynolds) to help spice things up a bit.

Watch the Logan Honest Trailer after the jump.

Of course, even when Deadpool shows up, he doesn't really have much to make fun of either. In fact, he says that if Hugh Jackman doesn't get an Oscar nomination, he's going to set every copy of the Best Picture-winning movie Crash on fire.

If we're being honest, I could see Jackman getting some kind of nomination for acting, but it depends on how strong the pool of contenders is when awards season gets into full swing late this year. The real question is whether Logan has the legs to get a Best Picture nomination after getting releases all the way back in March. 20th Century Fox will have to put together quite an Oscar campaign to get it into contention.