You'll Probably Want This Mondo 'Labyrinth' Poster From Artist Laurent Durieux

Asking me to name my favorite artist regularly working for Mondo would be like asking me which one of my pets I'd rescue from a burning building first, but I do think Laurent Durieux is one of the most talented people working with them on a regular basis. Heck, I think he may be one the best pop culture artists working right now, period. After all, I did just buy his Bambi print from that big Disney art show.

And now, Durieux has made a poster for Labyrinth, one of the most beloved movies of the '80s, and you can buy it tomorrow.

First, let's take a look at the poster itself. Here's the regular version, which measures 24" x 36", comes in an edition of 425, and will cost you $65.

mondo labyrinth 1

While I like Labyrinth just fine, I showed this art to my wife while I was writing this article and she just about lost her mind. If you're a fan of the film, I think this is going to make you very happy.

And here's the variant, which features a different color scheme, a smaller edition size of 225, and an $85 price tag.

mondo labyrinth 2

The poster was revealed by the folks over at Birth Movies Death, who were also able to speak with Durieux himself. I love that he admits to not being a huge fan of the movie – sometimes, the best pop culture art comes from people who can remove themselves from the work they're representing. Anyway, here's a quote about how he approached this particular design:

The piece actually was a private commission as an original drawing. It took me so long to find the right concept for it, many months in fact. After having watched the film for the 4th or 5th time, searching for an idea, I realized there was something to be done with Sarah's bedroom and all the stuff that was in it. I then realized that all the characters in the story were in fact appearing as stuffed toys in Sarah's bedroom. So that's the direction I went for!

If you've bought posters online before, you know the drill: the sale will begin at a random time tomorrow (that's May 18, 2017) on Mondo's website (keep an eye on their twitter feed for the official announcement) and they will sell out quickly. I recommend watching the site like a hawk and being able to drop everything at a moment's notice if you decide you want one.