'Aliens' Honest Trailer: It's Like A Sex Toy Factory Made Out Of Scorpions

This week brings Alien: Covenant to theaters, and fans will get to see how the horror style of the original Alien meshes with the more scientific side of Prometheus that attempts to explain the origin of the monstrous xenomorphs who love killing space colonists. That means there's no better time for the folks at Screen Junkies to deliver their send-up of James Cameron's sequel Aliens, which really upped the ante from what Ridley Scott created with the original Alien.

Watch the Aliens Honest Trailer after the jump.

There will always be a debate as to whether Alien or Aliens is the better movie, but I think that they both stand on their own while still complimenting each other in all the right ways. That's exactly what the films of a franchise should do. The fact that James Cameron didn't set out to remake Alien with a sequel was a smart move, and it shows why Terminator 2: Judgment Day ended up being a superior sequel to The Terminator.

Can we just acknowledge how perfect the description of xenomorphs is? There's something that is simultaneously so erotic about the design of the xenomorphs but also disturbing. H.R. Giger's creations have a sort of S&M vibe to them, which is perhaps why xenomorphs are so keen on delivering some of the most painful, gruesome deaths that sci-fi has ever seen.

Also, I was positively shocked to learn that the actress who played Vazquez (Jenette Goldstein) also played one of the Irish third class passengers in Titanic. The more you know, right?