LOL: This 'Rick And Morty' And 'Alien' Crossover Needs To Be A Whole Movie

Alien: Covenant is coming to theaters this week, bringing xenomorphs and new creatures to the big screen who will feast on unsuspecting space explorers. The early buzz on the movie was fairly mixed with critics having varying opinions on how the movie balances the horror and suspense of Alien with the intellectual, expository side of Prometheus. You'll just have to see it yourself to form your own opinion.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy what will probably be the best piece of promotion for the movie yet: a crossover with Rick and Morty. In this clip, the title characters from the Adult Swim animated series get a distress call from a ship that should look quite familiar to fans who have kept up with the Alien franchise.

Watch the Rick and Morty Alien Covenant crossover after the jump.

Right off the bat, Rick Sanchez is already much better off than any of the explorers sent into space by the Weyland-Yutani corporation. It turns out his addiction to drugs and alcohol has turned his body into such a toxic piece of anatomy that the facehuggers can't even use it to harvest xenomorphs.

If this played out in a full length episode, or even a feature length movie, I'm willing to bet Rick could stop everyone from being killed. Then again, the crew of Prometheus proved to be some of the most stupid and unsafe scientists and explorers that the big screen has ever seen, and Rick may end up killing them himself.