Cool Stuff: Scott C's 'Twin Peaks'-Inspired "In The Warmth Of The Great Northern" Print

It's hard to believe, but more than 25 years after David Lynch and Mark Frost's surreal, influential TV series Twin Peaks went off the air, we're about to head back to the town that started it all with a batch of brand new episodes on Showtime later this month. But before we do that, artist Scott C. is here to celebrate the original episodes of the show with a new art print called "In the Warmth of the Great Northern," which features nearly every major character we've seen thus far gathered in the lobby of the show's famous hotel.

Click through the gallery and take a closer at Scott C.'s full painting:

The gang's all here, and as you might expect the whole crowd forms a circle around a framed photo of Laura Palmer, the murdered girl who's found wrapped in plastic in the pilot and kicks off the mystery that sustains the whole first season (and a little of the season 2). Radiating outwards from Laura's picture are groups of family units: literal ones like the Palmers, the Haywards, and the Hornes; and metaphorical ones like the law enforcement groups near the bottom center, like the FBI agents (including FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper) and the local Twin Peaks law enforcement (including Sheriff Harry S. Truman).

Twin Peaks ran the gamut from procedural thriller to psychological horror, but the Great Northern Hotel always seemed like a place of warmth and community, so it's a perfect setting for this painting. Of course, there are some key players encroaching on in the fringes here, like the Giant (top left), The Man From Another Place (top center), and the murderous Bob (hiding in plain sight behind the couch just below Laura's picture), all mirroring the way they intrude on the show's version of the "normal" world.

This is a timed sale that runs from today until May 24, 2017 at midnight EST (9pm PT), meaning that anyone who wants to purchase one can do so for $60 right here without worrying about the prints selling out during a small window. Note that this is just a pre-sale and the 13 x 20 inch prints won't start shipping until mid-June.

Artist Scott C. had a few fitting words to say about this Twin Peaks art print:

One of the greatest television series that ever lived.  An immense influence on the paintings and stories and characters that I create to this day. To celebrate the return we are going to gather In The Warmth of The Great Northern. Most everyone is there gathering warmth and socializing. I wish I was there with everyone, but I am a real person and these are make believe people.