'Rick And Morty' Fans, Catch The Rickmobile Touring Around The US This Summer

While we're waiting for the third season of Rick and Morty to continue this summer, fans will be able to show their love for the Adult Swim animated series by checking out the Rickmobile touring the United States this summer.

That's right, the vehicle you see above is real, and it will be driving around the country this summer as part of the "Don't Even Trip Road Trip." There's a whole list of cities that will get paid a visit by the Rickmobile, and it's not just a goofy car that you can get your picture with, but also a mobile shop full of exclusive, custom-designed merch from Rick and Morty.

Find out more about the Rick and Morty tour after the jump.

Here's a shot of the Rickmobile cruising towards its first stop on the tour in Atlanta, Georgia on May 11th:

The lens flare off that brow. ????????#Rickmobile spotting by @clearlysandra

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Following the first stop on the tour, the Rickmobile heads straight up to the Northeast for a few stops New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Virginia. Then it comes through the Midwest with stops in Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago before heading West to Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. After that it will spend a couple weeks in various parts of California, including staying in San Diego for the entirety of Comic-Con before heading up to Los Angeles for a few days.

Don't worry if you haven't heard your location yet, because the tour will continue through August, September and into the first week of October, moving back across the United States after its extended stint in California. To keep track of where and when the Rickmobile will arrive this summer and into the fall, check out the official tour website right here. You can also find the full schedule on this calendar:

You can  stay tuned to the official Instagram and Twitter for the Rickmobile for teases of what goodies will be on sale. If you're lucky, you'll get your hands on a sweet shirt like this.