Spoilers Won't Ruin 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' For You, James Gunn Says

Welcome to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where the anticipation is high and the spoilers don't matter. That is, according to director James Gunn.

The film is still a week out from its U.S. release, but fans are becoming especially defensive against spoilers, which abound thanks to advance screenings and an early premiere in Europe. But Gunn reassures fans that those plot details — which are unavoidable nowadays thanks to the immediacy of social media — won't ruin their enjoyment of the movie.

On his Facebook page, Gunn shared a Wired article arguing that spoilers are a non-issue, citing a study that states that people will enjoy a story regardless of whether they knew the twists — if it's well-written. Gunn expanded on that article's thesis, relating it to his upcoming film, the anticipated follow-up to the 2014 Marvel hit, Guardians of the Galaxy.

He doesn't like that people keep spoiling Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for fans, but fans shouldn't allow these details to ruin their enjoyment of the film itself, he wrote.

"I don't get angry over this stuff...," Gunn said of the abundance of spoilers leaking for his film. He and Marvel had taken extra precaution up until now through the production and marketing of the film, using plot elements from only the first 20 minutes in the film in advertising and trailers. But inevitably, people who had seen the movie before the rest started to leak details about the film, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally.

He continued, reassuring fans, telling them that to think of the spoilers as "pre-known plot points."

So, if you've accidentally heard about a surprise in Vol. 2, worry not – you will still be able to heartily enjoy the film. Not only because spoilers don't matter, but because we've created a movie where the story, humor, visuals, music, and emotion don't rely on surprises even if they did, and that you'll have a blast whether or not you know a spoiler or two before going in.

I share Gunn's opinion on spoilers  — they're unfortunate if you want to see a movie with fresh eyes — but they won't necessarily ruin the experience if the film is good. Sure, nothing beats going in to a movie without any prior knowledge of its story or twists, but that's nearly impossible to do nowadays with movie news and spoilers proliferating throughout the Internet. But I think if the film is well-made and compelling enough, it won't rely on a spoilery twist to keep you engaged. And if you just came for the twist, then well, maybe you're watching it wrong.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5