LOL: 'Stranger Things' Gets Mocked By 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

New episodes from Mystery Science Theater 3000 are now available on Netflix. But since this is a show that first rose to fame in the 1990s and then disappeared at the turn of the century, some audiences who aren't familiar with the show might need a proper introduction to the series that mocks some of the worst movies ever made. To help give Netflix subscribers a taste of what MST3K has to offer, they had Jonah Ray and his robot pals Tom Servo and Crow sit down to take some jabs at Netflix's hit sci-fi series Stranger Things, and it's just as great as you'd hope.

Enjoy as Mystery Science Theater 3000 watches Stranger Things after the jump.

The opening of the two-minute segment starts off a little rough and may seem to hokey for some less experienced viewers to get into. But give it some time, and I guarantee you'll be laughing once the trio that is usually sentenced to watch bad movies starts making fun of Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour). It's Mystery Science Theater 3000 doing what they do best, and they don't even need a bad movie or TV show to crack jokes about in order to bring laughs.

Though I'm a big MST3K fan, I haven't had a chance to sit down to watch any of the new episodes yet. But I've heard from fellow fans that it feels like the show never left. The pop culture references are a little more contemporary, and the different voices for Tom Servo and Crow take some getting used to, but it sounds like the revival is well worth your time.