How Much Damage Has The 'Fast And Furious' Franchise Caused? [Infographic]

While we recently featured a round of infographics that counted a bunch of statistics from the Fast and Furious franchise, from how much screentime there is for gratuitous shots of the backsides of women to how many shots there were of odometers/tachometers, there was one thing that wasn't counted: property damage.

Over the years, the Fast and Furious franchise has only gotten more bombastic and crazy when it comes to the action. What started as a primarily car chase based franchise that only resulted in the damage of some street racing cars and maybe a mailbox or street lamp has turned into a huge heist film series where buildings are seriously damaged and plenty of expensive vehicles are totaled. How much does all that cost? Someone crunched the numbers in an effort to figure it out.

Check out the Fast and Furious property damage infographics after the jump.

Fast and Furious Property Damage InfographicsFast and Furious Property Damage InfographicsFast and Furious Property Damage InfographicsFast and Furious Property Damage Infographics

These infographics were created by with the help of classic car consultants Nacho Llacer, which makes me believe in the accuracy of the cost of vehicle damage. It's also cool to learn what the most expensive car was that got destroyed in the franchise. It should come as no surprise that it's the rare one that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker jump from one skyscraper to another in Furious 7.

However, I'm not sure that we can trust the cost of property damage as far as buildings and whatnot are concerned. It doesn't seem to be calculated as thoroughly, and I have a tough time thinking that all the damage of buildings combined with vehicles is only near £419.5 million (or roughly $335.3 million). But maybe I'm just overestimating the overall damage. I do love that the heroes have caused more damage than the villains though.

If you want to calculate the above numbers into American dollars, the exchange rate is currently $1.25 for every British pound. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for bringing these infographics to our attention.